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The time of the day between sunrise and sunset.
  1. as modifier 'a daytime telephone number'
  2. 'Mosquito nets may not be of much use since these mosquitoes bite in the daytime.'
  3. 'The weather was never as humid as in the Gold Coast, but hot during the daytime and cool in the evenings.'
  4. 'Biological clocks encourage most people to be awake in the daytime and to sleep at night.'
  5. 'Still, if this is to be my new daytime home then I thought I ought to delve a little into its famous past.'
  6. 'During the daytime, this route does not go as far as Manchester - so what use is it?'
  7. 'Children and youth loiter around during the daytime because they have nothing else to do.'
  8. 'York's homeless community say filling the daytime hours is one of their toughest tasks.'
  9. 'Much of the daytime is spent by the telephone waiting for bookings and confirmations.'
  10. 'Please include your name, address, a daytime telephone number and email address if you have one.'
  11. 'In the daytime he'd hide behind the curtains, but he'd fly around the room when it got dark.'

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1. the time between sunrise and sunset. adjective

2. occurring, done, presented, etc., during the day: daytime television.

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"temperatures can be daytime."

"numbers can be daytime."

"hours can be daytime."

"calls can be daytime."

"losses can be daytime."

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