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Daytime care for people who cannot be fully independent, such as children or elderly people.
  1. as modifier 'day-care facilities'
  2. 'This might encompass some residential care, day care and sheltered housing side by side.'
  3. 'This will include new home care packages, more home help, and more day-care support.'
  4. 'It's clear there aren't standards in place for nurseries and day care centres.'
  5. 'All monies collected are used to supplement the home support service and day care centre in Dunally.'
  6. 'Grandparents commonly help raise children, although day-care facilities are available for working mothers.'
  7. 'The council says its home care and day care charges are in line with the Government's fairer charges criteria.'
  8. 'They offer a complete range of day care and early education facilities.'
  9. 'Breda Costello received an award for her work with the elderly in the day care centre.'
  10. 'Two day care centres for disabled people, the only ones in the area, are being shut down too.'
  11. 'The 24-year-old who has Down's Syndrome has had no day care services for five years.'
  12. 'I never went to daycare'
  13. 'Somehow I developed the delusion that once Ben was in a good daycare, everything would be fine.'
  14. 'I wanted to give him the chance to go to a daycare at least part-time.'
  15. 'Your child can return to school or daycare when she is no longer contagious.'
  16. 'Tommy and Kim sent them to a private daycare that ran a Pre-Kindergarten program.'
  17. 'Now he's fighting to save the park in the lot between his daycare and the restaurant.'
  18. 'Daycares are, in fact, required to bring children outdoors at least once a day.'
  19. 'Drake passed a Catholic church and a daycare with a playground.'
  20. 'Flu continued to close schools and daycares in several communities this week.'
  21. 'And the people who work in our daycares need to be paid a living wage that recognizes how important their job is.'
  22. 'Even though Ayla had a job at a daycare, it was just because she liked kids.'

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1. supervised daytime care for preschool children, the elderly, or those with chronic disabilities, usually provided at a center outside the home.

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"centres can be daycare."

"programmes can be daycare."

"systems can be daycare."

"services can be daycare."

"rooms can be daycare."

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