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Each of the twenty-four-hour periods, reckoned from one midnight to the next, into which a week, month, or year is divided, and corresponding to a rotation of the earth on its axis.
  1. 'we'll leave the day after tomorrow'
  2. 'she spent five days in hospital'
  3. 'I love him dearly but could never contemplate having to live with him twenty four hours a day seven days a week every day of the year.'
  4. 'He was jailed for six months and 14 days and banned from driving for two years.'
  5. 'There is a consensus now among the war planners that the war may take months, not days or weeks.'
  6. 'The decisions made in the first minutes, days and months will shape it for years to come.'
  7. 'We then compared the total numbers of patients on each day of each lunar month.'
  8. 'Seeing that tomorrow is the first day of another month I must make some real resolutions for February.'
  9. 'Migraines tend to occur at intervals; there may be days, weeks or months between attacks.'
  10. 'She had been back for a total of two months and five days and already she was a target.'
  11. 'The years, months, days, hours drift by, and you can hear it getting louder.'
  12. 'The appeals process took a total of seven years, one month, and fifteen days.'
  13. 'Fires should not be lit on a windy day because wind-driven sparks and hot ash can start blazes elsewhere.'
  14. 'Moths bob around in balls of phosphorescent light, and the day's heat emanates from the ground.'
  15. 'Some days, it's hard to even raise my head from under the duvet as I lie in my favourite foetal position, warm and safe.'
  16. 'By day we chase the enemy back four trenches; by night they send us down to the sea.'
  17. 'By day I was glued to my walkman, walking round in a daze listening to the show.'
  18. 'By day, it would reveal a planet as awesomely beautiful and abundant in natural wealth as ever.'
  19. 'By day, it's a video gallery, with tall white walls, a huge dome and a giant blue ball.'
  20. 'he works an eight-hour day'
  21. 'While it might be dark before we get home from work now, at least there'll be light to start the day.'
  22. 'It is an excellent way to spend a chilly evening and a great way to wind down after a hard day.'
  23. 'We have had two hard days on the water and I have come nearly to the limit of my endurance.'
  24. 'He denied he had been nervous and said it had just been a hard day.'
  25. 'Doesn't every footballer need to slip into something more comfortable after a hard day on the pitch?'
  26. 'Down on the farm my job for the day is to feed the pot-bellied pigs.'
  27. 'We had also put in some hard days in training and in planning for the game.'
  28. 'After a hard day at the office they couldn't possibly be expected to cook for themselves, could they?'
  29. 'I'm based in Naas but travel throughout the day in my job so have to move around a lot.'
  30. 'The workers' last paycheck only paid them through noon of their final day on the job.'
  31. 'by the time they had all gone it was broad day'
A particular period of the past; an era.
  1. 'the laws were very strict in those days'
  2. 'In days gone by we were able to explain wars in simple terms of good and evil.'
  3. 'There are the usual family shots, newspaper clippings, and other photos of days gone by.'
  4. 'In days gone by it was a refreshing experience eating at someone else's house.'
  5. 'On a normal week day I had around 40 houses to deliver to and in those days a single daily paper was pretty slim.'
  6. 'In days gone by, you tended not to travel as far or as much as you do today.'
  7. 'He was happy to meet the old men of the village and talk of the days gone by.'
  8. 'Most of the time, he did not have the time or energy to think of days gone by.'
  9. 'It would be a fine thing to have food prepared as it was for festive occasions in days gone by.'
  10. 'People dressed up in period costume to re-enact days gone by.'
  11. 'She had many stories and recollections from days gone by.'
  12. 'These are large meetings convened by the Council to focus on some strategic concerns of the day.'
  13. 'They feature a wide diversity of opinion concerning the war and other social and political issues of the day.'
  14. 'In the early days of Pete's career he dabbled with the idea of becoming a keyboard player.'
  15. 'The supposed twilight days of his career provided him with countless afternoons in the sun.'
  16. 'I remember in my childhood days when people believed in a multitude of signs or omens.'
  17. 'Her days as a single mother living on income support must now seem like a distant memory.'
  18. 'Staging of dramas during his school and college days helped him in facing the camera.'
  19. 'I’ve done a lot of different workouts in my day.'
  20. 'she cared for him for the rest of his days'
  21. 'So she is living with us now and we will keep her for the rest of her days.'

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1. the interval of light between two successive nights; the time between sunrise and sunset: Since there was no artificial illumination, all activities had to be carried on during the day.

2. the light of day; daylight: The owl sleeps by day and feeds by night.

3. Astronomy. Also called mean solar day. a division of time equal to 24 hours and representing the average length of the period during which the earth makes one rotation on its axis. Also called solar day. a division of tim

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