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Showing fearlessness and determination.
  1. 'In Beckwourth's self-portrait, he amassed so many honors as a Crow warrior that he rose to a chieftainship, rich in wives and ponies, dauntless in battle, and venerated for his wisdom and leadership.'
  2. 'There is no doubt who are the heroes of this narrative: the dauntless developers who battle the cupidity and ignorance of the managers.'
  3. 'While some groan about performances featuring 40 yelping, howling, yodelling singers and shaking rice in shoe boxes, most praise Monk's dauntless quest to create landscapes of sound.'
  4. 'PFC Thompson's dauntless courage and gallant self-sacrifice reflect the highest credit on himself and uphold the esteemed traditions of military service.'
  5. 'The books carry the message of hope and the strength of a dauntless spirit that challenges all odds.'
  6. 'In dauntless courage Collingwood was unquestionably Nelson's equal, but a natural stoicism assisted Collingwood to more balanced judgements.'
  7. 'A film that explores the extraordinary circumstances they grapple with to live their ordinary lives, this documentary is a celebration of their dauntless spirit.'
  8. 'Because of his dauntless courage, Levski was called the lion, a figure that became the national symbol of Bulgaria and the name of its currency.'
  9. 'The anti-heroic stance has nothing to do with being infallible or superhuman or invulnerable or dauntless.'
  10. 'His dauntless leadership and personal courage so inspired his men that they stormed into the hostile position and used their bayonets with such lethal effect that the enemy fled in wild disorder.'


1. not to be daunted or intimidated; fearless; intrepid; bold: a dauntless hero. noun

2. (initial capital letter). Also called Douglas SBD. the principal U.S. Navy fleet bomber of early World War II, capable of carrying bombs or depth charges and particularly successful as a dive bomber.

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"felts can be dauntless."

"people can be dauntless."

"developments can be dauntless."

"contraltos can be dauntless."

"warninglies can be dauntless."

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