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The day of the month or year as specified by a number.
  1. 'please give your name, address, and date of birth'
  2. 'Anyone who knows your date of birth, address and other basic facts can access phone banking.'
  3. 'I recently obtained a copy of my birth certificate, and it shows my date of birth as the sixth of the month.'
  4. 'Juniors wishing to take part should state their date of birth.'
  5. 'It took months to sort out this nightmare and if a date of birth had been requested, it might not have happened.'
  6. 'Khan was flanked by three security guards and spoke only to confirm his name and give his date of birth and address.'
  7. 'We can never be sure of that, for her family never registered her date of birth.'
  8. 'All you need to get most amenities connected is a name, an address, a date of birth and a driver's licence number.'
  9. 'Paper will be provided so children should bring their colours, two euros for the entrance fee and should know their date of birth.'
  10. 'Personal information, like your date of birth, address, mother's maiden name and passwords are now as valuable as cash.'
  11. 'They told me it was just routine, but wanted to look at my passport, ask me where I worked, my date of birth and where I was going and why.'
  12. 'Organised by the Council's Sports and Leisure team the date for the event has been set at Tuesday, July 19.'
  13. 'You may also be reminded that key dates for such happy events as a spouse's birthday or insurance renewal are imminent.'
  14. 'If you enjoyed the evening and want to join in more ask for the dates of other open events.'
  15. 'That date allowed both events to take place, with a casual workforce likely to steward the festival.'
  16. 'An announcement about when tickets will go on sale for the UK Championships will be made nearer the date of the event.'
  17. 'In the year since her death, the family has had to cope with significant dates such as her birthday, Christmas and the recent court case.'
  18. 'He concluded that this might have been due to the date of the event - some 10 years prior.'
  19. 'In previous years the annual awards were held in conjunction with the exhibition but this year they will form a separate event at a later date.'
  20. 'That press conference has now been cancelled and there are no plans for an alternative date for the event.'
  21. 'In the short term the significant date in this debate is not September 11, it's November 5.'
  22. 'For each name, dates of birth and death are given, followed by a potted biography of 20-30 words.'
  23. 'The large carved stone above the central entrance door gives the dates of birth and death of her three sons.'
  24. 'The dead person's name and dates of birth and death are written inside the lid.'
  25. 'I used to ride my bike through all sections of the graves and inspect the dates of birth and death, and if over the age of thirty, the deceased had had in my opinion a good innings.'
  26. 'The gunports in the south and east walls of the structure adjoining the later gatehouse suggest a late fifteen century date.'
A social or romantic appointment or engagement.
  1. 'we made a date for eleven the next morning'
  2. 'He asked her out on a date almost immediately and before long they were walking out together and going to regular dances at the Locarno.'
  3. 'I hear that you're going on a date with your hot step brother and we can discuss every little thing that happened.'
  4. 'But Mo did once go out on a date with someone who chatted her up in a pub - and she's been living with him for seven years.'
  5. 'It took a couple more chance meetings before he actually asked me on a date, but he did and that was 7 years ago.'
  6. 'After one listen you'll be asking your sister out on a date.'
  7. 'Over the next four weeks, we went out on periodic dates and he was adorably shy and kinda weird-looking but cute and I fell head over heels.'
  8. 'You just went on a date with one of the hottest guys on the planet.'
  9. 'Tonight, I was watching part of a show where this couple were out on a date.'
  10. 'If they're not strangers, they may be somebody that a woman meets on a date.'
  11. 'I was in a conversation yesterday and dating came up, and I scratched my head trying to think of when, if at all, I had ever been on a date'
  12. 'Chad had a girlfriend at the time, but his friend, Kristin, told him he could bring his girlfriend, along with any of his male friends, for whom she would find dates.'
  13. 'I had only one rule when it came to guys: Potential dates HAD to be taller than me.'
  14. 'Except, her date was fairly tall, and had to bend over so she could put her hand on his shoulder.'
  15. 'Also, should a single attendee with a date be split up or seated together?'
  16. 'Smith suggests inviting a date to an event that has already been planned, like a work affair or a friend's party.'
  17. '‘I make it my business to know with whom my dates associate,’ he said.'
  18. 'She found it strange how all they had to worry about was who got a date with whom and where they were going on Friday night.'
  19. 'most large bands play one big date in Scotland'
  20. 'With a string of sell-out dates for her Re-invention Tour, Madonna has shown the world once and for all that she is no longer a mere Material Girl.'
  21. 'The performance date is Tuesday, April 1,8 in St Peter and Paul's Church, Portlaoise.'
  22. 'When it came time to book a few more western Canadian dates, it certainly made sense to approach the Yardbird Suite, a venue both jazz and discerning blues fans appreciate.'
  23. 'Following a series of sell-out dates on tour during 2002 / 3, the stage adaptation of the film musical Calamity Jane is whip cracking its way into the West End.'
  24. 'Pop-punk band Busted have had to add extra dates to their arena tour after it sold out almost a year in advance.'
  25. 'No, I'm off to see the fabulous Die So Fluid on their final date of their current tour.'
  26. 'It is such a vital date in the musical calendar that artists from as far away as Galicia and Brittany time the release of new albums to coincide with it.'
  27. 'He promoted Billy Connolly's first tour - 44 dates with an 18-piece big band which Spurway still manages.'
  28. 'Kylie Minogue is splashing out on a lavish hotel suite during her London tour dates - despite living less than a mile away..'


Establish or ascertain the date of (an object or event)
  1. 'The first gospel, Mark, can be dated to AD70 at the earliest and, from internal clues, more probably to about AD90.'
  2. 'In any case, documenting a phenomenon and dating it are two different enterprises.'
  3. 'In dating these events, detailed correlation and detailed (high-resolution) biostratigraphy is essential.'
  4. 'They have managed to track down details from as far back as 1906 but would like to hear from anyone who can date the inaugural event further back than that.'
  5. 'Most historians date the beginnings of the empire proper, however, from Tudor times.'
  6. 'More recently it has been dated to the early Middle Ages.'
  7. 'Speedway lore dates the races to early last century, when black stable hands who worked for wealthy equestrians would bring their mounts here for a little weekend racing.'
  8. 'STONEMASONS ' marks and graffiti dating back hundreds of years will be highlighted at the Fountain Abbey World Heritage Site near Ripon this weekend.'
  9. 'Because the taxa are not reciprocally monophyletic, we cannot date the actual speciation event.'
  10. 'A group of history enthusiasts used modern technology to obtain village documents dating back hundreds of years.'
  11. 'sign and date the document'
  12. 'The agreement must be dated and he should sign personally the document.'
  13. 'It's a 1943 drawing of the redesigned Bug Bunny, signed and dated by his father, which he says is worth at least $50,000.'
  14. 'Entrants must include the following signed and dated declaration'
  15. 'You must then date it and sign it in the presence of two witnesses.'
  16. 'In the Brabantine calendar, the year began not on January 1 but on Good Friday, and official documents were dated accordingly.'
  17. 'Document 1, dated July 5 1975, is the record of a discussion between Ford and Suharto held at Camp David in the United States.'
  18. 'Once it had been made clear that Mr Sheikh's case was that Mr Daly had signed and dated the same document on the same occasion, the need to examine the authenticity of the signature arose in an acute form.'
  19. 'The report of Dr. Mark Waxman dated March 7, 1996 was filed by the plaintiff.'
  20. 'A work called Mother and Child, signed and dated by the artist in 1902, depicts his wife Alice and first child John.'
  21. 'One of the documents, dated November 1988, reported that in clinical trials Prozac could cause behavioural disturbances.'
  22. 'The company also had to address the cleanliness of its customer databases, one of which dated back to 1993 and was originally kept on an Excel spreadsheet.'
  23. 'The Bellman is a classic piece of realist painting dating from 1886, in which a public servant is given almost heroic status.'
  24. 'Treasures dating from Anglo Saxon, Viking and Iron Age times are on show at the Yorkshire Museum in York.'
  25. 'Kaye claimed that the manuscript dated from the twelfth century AD and he even doubted that it was of Indian origin.'
  26. 'The fields were thought to contain pre-historic hut circles dating from around the Iron or Bronze Age.'
  27. 'At one campus, a group of 400 medical students shared six manuals dating from the 1960s.'
  28. 'It is one of the oldest buildings in Ilkley and was originally a Yorkshire stone farmhouse dating from 1720.'
  29. 'The other item is a Victorian sterling silver wine cooler in the shape of the Warwick Vase dating from 1853.'
  30. 'Next to the house is the original tower which dates from the 15th century and stands above the Avon Gorge.'
  31. 'A newspaper dating from 1867 was one of three items found in a glass bottle in the wall cavity between the school library and a classroom.'
Reveal (someone) as being old-fashioned.
  1. 'My husband has had a crush on Courtney Cox ever since Family Ties. That dates him, but he and I are exactly the same age (off by 23 days) so it dates me too.'
  2. 'Gavin started out working with still cameras, you know the ones with the little rolls of film in the back, yes we know that dates him a little.'
  3. 'I am not quite as old as David or your dad but i did see U.N.C.L.E. in its original run, so that dates me, eh?'
  4. 'They don't sound dated, they sound comfortable.'
  5. 'And the script, although now sounding somewhat dated, has a nice element of comedy running through it, which acts as a counter-balance to the bouts of violence on the screen.'
  6. 'The overall effect is not dated, interestingly, and is fresh but didactic: as history textbook, it could be really valuable now.'
  7. 'Drawn with a relaxed ink line, scribbly shading and a mix of watercolour and gouache, the book has the slightly muted and nostalgic tones of early comics and dated toy packaging.'
  8. 'It sounds somewhat dated, being about a Jerry Springer-style talk show, and lacks the beauty of much of the rest of the album, but it has grown on me the more I've heard it.'
  9. 'Opener Freakshow and Dancing The Night Away are from that genre and, rather than sounding dated, it works.'
  10. 'The whole concept of the British Lions seems to me to look and sound pretty dated, and I say so in the full knowledge that those who have been involved in their exploits in the past rate the Lions Tour as the all-time career highlight.'
  11. 'This album is very much classic Rush, the songs draw influences from three decades, yet it doesn't sound dated, or compromised for modern tastes in any way.'
  12. 'In ten or twenty years, will it sound as dated as an 80s sax solo?'
  13. 'Its lyrics are repetitious, its sound wilfully dated, its messages straightforward.'
Go out with (someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested)
  1. no object 'they have been dating for more than a year'
  2. 'He knew the two of them had been having problems the last few weeks, and he knew that Mika was dating Mark now, but he was confident that she would have come to see him in the hospital.'
  3. 'Jake Eden was the king of Wesley high school; he was the captain of the football team, the most popular kid and was dating the prettiest girl in school, Lisa Fare.'
  4. 'For weeks she had been thinking about dating Mark, the places they would go, the things they would do, the things she would say to him.'
  5. 'Most of the girls he's dated were all interested in his looks, or even worse… his money.'
  6. 'She didn't want him if he dated that kind of girl.'
  7. 'He'd always had a habit of dating a lot of girls, but he also had a reputation for being a ‘good’ boyfriend.'
  8. 'I still didn't like the girl because she was dating Mark, but I can't completely hate someone that I hang out with everyday.'
  9. 'Tim starts dating an Irishwoman to whom Estelle introduced him.'
  10. 'Each of the girls was dating one of the guys, and Gideon watched as they each rushed to their lovers and tried to be affectionate.'
  11. 'I once dated a delightful Asian girl, the daughter of immigrants who barely spoke a word of English.'


A sweet, dark brown oval fruit containing a hard stone, usually eaten dried.
  1. 'Fruits such as dates and grapes when they are putrified, produce Ethyl Alcohol which is the intoxicating agent.'
  2. 'Others are sold dried, alongside dates or other dried fruits.'
  3. 'Made from ground dates, this pale brown sweetener makes an excellent substitute for brown sugar.'
  4. 'Our stop in the town of Bastan was to re-supply; buying bags of apples and pomegranates, dates and slabs of mutton.'
  5. 'We often see various species of birds roosting between the leaves, picking on the sweet dates and taunting the small boys below who can't reach the nests.'
  6. 'Although dried jujubes are not as sweet as true dates, its sugars do concentrate, and the flavor is very similar.'
  7. 'They lived with his father and mother, and began growing crops of sweet corn, melons, pomegranates, figs and dates.'
  8. 'Foods central to Qatar's cuisine include the many native varieties of dates and seafood.'
  9. 'Most fruits (excluding fruit juices, bananas, raisins, dried dates and dried figs) also have low GL values.'
  10. 'I also made a fruit salad, a date and walnut loaf AND triple-choc muffins.'
A tall palm tree which bears clusters of dates, native to western Asia and North Africa.
  1. 'Phoenix Sylvester Palm or Toddy Palm is very similar to the Canary Island Palm and the edible date palm.'
  2. 'The date palm could sometimes reach 100 feet / 30 meters, and produced a great quantity of fruit on a single tree.'
  3. 'Marrakesh ‘the Red’ has the colours and shapes of the Moroccan South; the dusty rose of the desert; and the stout, square walls, their regular lines broken occasionally by a minaret or the scratchy brush of a date palm.'
  4. 'Mosses, ferns, lichens and orchids thrive in the damp atmosphere of the Crater, giving way to huge mahogany, olive and date palm trees on the drier crater walls.'
  5. 'And in agricultural news, the Iraqi date palm industry is staging a come-back.'
  6. 'The date palm is a long-lived tree and may eventually exceed 30 m in height.'
  7. 'Ma is at odds with the Hong Kong government, which wants to move her six-storey tall date palm tree to make way for a public road project.'
  8. 'One male date palm can produce enough pollen for 49 female trees.'

More definitions

1. a particular month, day, and year at which some event happened or will happen: July 4, 1776 was the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

2. the day of the month: Is today's date the 7th or the 8th?

3. an inscription on a writing, coin, etc., that shows the time, or time and place, of writing, casting, delivery, etc.: a letter bearing the date January 1


4. the time or period to which any event or thing belongs; period in general: at a late date.

5. th

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"centuries can be dating."


(date)Middle English: from Old French, via Latin from Greek daktulos ‘finger’ (because of the finger-like shape of its leaves).


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