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Marked with a date.
  1. 'Elder also brought copies of such articles, including one dated November 6, to back up her submission.'
  2. 'The hybrid centre will carry out the task by printing the forms there as well as the franked envelopes complete with dated stamp and company logo.'
  3. 'Typically the earliest dated document rules; however the court may decide that there is no valid contract.'
  4. 'The FDA letter, dated Jan. 10, said the ads made "unsubstantiated effectiveness claims."'
  5. 'His last dated work is of 1648.'
  6. 'That view of Dr George was confirmed in a further report of his dated 3 September 2004.'
  7. 'The book ran into five editions, the penultimate dated 1831.'
  8. 'A refund requires "… a signed and dated written notice postmarked prior to midnight of the business day after the date of this agreement."'
  9. 'All dated 2003, these new works express her understanding of the importance of gesture in abstraction.'
  10. 'There were further descriptions of possible work in subsequent e-mails, including those dated 14 and 16 August 2001.'
  1. 'Despite years of evidence highlighting their failings, dogmatic adherence to dated ideology persists.'
  2. 'The only funny thing is the amount of processing power you need to render the dated graphics.'
  3. 'This film may now seem a little dated, but it is an interesting snapshot of the womens ' movement at that time.'
  4. 'Do these investigations of the face and body reach beyond the obscure and dated science of Duchenne, Charcot and their followers?'
  5. 'They found old computers with such dated software they can't access outside e-mail or even their Facebook pages.'
  6. 'The same dated movies play again and again.'
  7. 'Even with these seemingly dated components, this is plenty of system for a media client box.'
  8. 'It was an early piece fashioned after the dated design of a typical pay phone, was pleasant to hold and touch.'
  9. 'Most of The Producers wallows in dated jokes that have lost their capacity to make a movie audience laugh out loud.'
  10. 'Perhaps Mr Blade got too excited or he might just be using a dated presentation.'


1. having or showing a date: a dated record of all meetings.

2. out-of-date; old-fashioned: a nostalgic program of dated songs.

More examples(as adjective)

"rulings can be dated in/at/on dates."

"reports can be dated by standards."

"paternalistses can be dated by times."

"brents can be dated."

"cents can be dated."

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