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Fish by letting the fly (but not the line) bob lightly on the water.
  1. with object 'he was dapping the fly skilfully'
  2. 'It is documented that fly fishing for pike was popular in the early 1700's in this country, as was dapping for Dace on the Thames in the 1800's.'
  3. 'The L. Carra Anglers' wet fly and dapping competition was held on Saturday the 9th, and was won by Seán Walsh of Castlebar, who had 4 trout for 5.92 lb.'
  4. 'There were mayfly still hatching around Oughterard and Cornamona, and dapping produced a few fish.'


A fishing fly used when dapping.
  1. 'A few fish have been taken on the dap, with crickets/grasshoppers doing the business, and the daddy-long-legs should be making an appearance soon.'
Rubber-soled shoes.
  1. 'No need whatsoever for a 300 lb deaf muscle man with a good covering of paint and a pair of little green daps to keep his feet from being hurt by stones then.'
  2. 'We stock both girl and boys shoes, including slippers and daps.'
  3. 'To help young children to change quickly from shoes to plimsolls (pumps, daps, gym shoes, trainers - whatever they are called in your part of the world), use elastic instead of laces.'


An elaborate handshake that typically involving slapping palms, bumping fists, or snapping fingers.
  1. 'Lance stopped to sign autographs and give dap to folks'

More definitions

1. to fish by letting the bait fall lightly on the water.

2. to dip lightly or suddenly into water: The bird dapped for the fish.

3. to bounce or skip, as on the surface of a body of water: The stone dapped along the surface of the pond. verb (used with object), dapped, dapping.

4. to cause to dip in and out of water: to dap one's bait.

5. to cause to skip along the surface of water: to dap stones across the river.

6. Carpentry. to no

More examples(as adjective)

"tonnes can be dap."

"governments can be dap."

"days can be dap."


1970s: of uncertain origin; perhaps from tap or dab.