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A person or thing that has a subduing or inhibiting effect.
  1. 'Both groups have demanded that he should receive a fair trial, helping to put the dampers on the muted triumphalism that greeted his capture and imprisonment.'
  2. 'The term-end exams at this time of the year when most children have their noses buried in text books is hardly a damper to the ICDB initiatives.'
  3. 'By the time the music stops and a Reno campaign ad comes on the giant video screens, putting a bit of a damper on the already struggling atmosphere, my new friends have climbed onto a huge plastic stage, where they gyrate to the ad.'
  4. 'This puts a slight damper on Kerry's whole domestic policy agenda.'
  5. 'The lorry strike has certainly thrown a damper on the affairs of the market for the last three days.'
  6. 'Worst yet is that we're expecting to have gas prices way over $2.20 / gallon in the summer months… which puts a serious damper on my travel plans!'
  7. 'And the rain in the early part of this summer, did that put a damper at all on any of the attendance?'
  8. 'Nothing puts quite a damper on your day as opening the mail and seeing an invitation to join the planning committee for your 25th class reunion.'
  9. 'And that could be a damper on economic confidence, because a lot of Americans depend on lower interest rates for home equity and, of course, for credit card rates.'
  10. 'One PNM strategy team official said yesterday that Khan's resignation and the reasons for it may place a damper on the convention.'
  11. 'When a pianist actually looks at the damper action while pedaling, or watches the hammers strike the string for only a split second, her body will shift to a more kinesthetic, intuitive and efficient mode.'
  12. 'Today I asked your child to depress the right pedal, to stop the action of the dampers so that the strings could vibrate freely.'
  13. 'During performance, most students will need to stand while depressing the damper pedal to access the interior of the piano.'
  14. 'While not the best way to introduce damper pedaling techniques, four-voiced chorales are highly appropriate for reinforcing or testing established pedaling techniques.'
  15. 'In arpeggios in Romantic music there is a successive playing of parts of a chord; they are usually played in order of ascending pitch and the highest note carries the melody, the tones are sustained by the use of the damper pedal.'
  16. 'The piano teacher gives all lessons on an early fortepiano that has a knee lever for operating the damper mechanism.'
  17. 'Vehicles officially imported through the Toyota network had conventional springs and dampers.'
  18. 'Also known as crankshaft dampers, these devices dwell in the harsh environment of a vehicle's engine and serve to reduce the noise and vibration of a vehicle.'
  19. 'The suspension is custom made double wishbones with coil-over dampers front and rear, and while the rear also utilises custom made fabricated steel uprights, the front end gets surprisingly mundane by using uprights from an old Cortina.'
  20. 'MacPherson's design placed the damper inside the spring and did away with the upper arm, thus halving the number of components.'
  21. 'Tuned mass dampers with springs are placed between the underside of the walkway and the steel transverse arms below it.'
  22. 'The major change is in the modern race-car-derived suspension, using double wishbones with pushrod-operated springs and dampers.'
  23. 'Available in hunting and sporting models and 12 and 20 gauge, the Urika features a recoil vibration damper that reduces felt recoil.'
  24. 'Thankfully, the dampers and shock absorbers do their job without being easily visible, taking away nothing from Foster's ‘blade of light.’'
  25. 'The tank has been equipped with torsion bar running gear and hydraulic dampers have been fitted to the first and last pair of wheels.'
  26. 'Maintenance workers will periodically inspect dampers and check their oil content.'
  27. 'The crankshaft also has a viscous type torsional vibration damper.'
  28. 'It was a component for a vibration damper on the crankshaft for its 3-liter engine.'
  29. 'Airflow into the base of the flue and out of the top is regulated by dampers controlled by the building management system, which also controls airflow from the building into the flue.'
  30. 'Make sure your chimney damper is closed when not in use.'
  31. 'If you have an open fireplace, it's good to keep the damper open all the time, as it brings a good draft of air from outside into the house.'
  32. 'Check the seal on the flue damper and make it as snug as possible.'
  33. 'For example, on most bath fans and kitchen exhaust hoods, the damper is located on the housing of the fan unit, right at the point where the vent pipe attaches to the housing.'
  34. 'An open damper in a 48-inch square fireplace can allow a heat loss of up to 8 percent through the chimney.'
  35. 'When you use your fireplace, you can reduce the stress on your heating system by opening dampers at the bottom of the firebox.'
  36. 'The inspector noted officers were not able to demonstrate operation of radio equipment, engine room ventilation fire dampers were defective and the means of lifeboat recovery inoperative.'
  37. 'According to the latest standards, dampers must either be removed or permanently secured in the open position if gas logs are installed.'
  38. 'When your home is warm enough, the thermostat causes the damper to close, and the fire burns at a reduced level.'
An unleavened loaf or cake of flour and water baked in wood ashes.
  1. 'Over a cup of tea, and a damper and corned beef sandwich people swapped stories about Les and what life used to be like in that beautiful part of the Territory.'
  2. 'From the camp-fire wafted smells of fried barramundi and fresh damper; while Ned, hot-foot from the Swing Arm Bar down at the Station Township and quite the little bar fly, was handing round tinnies from the eskie.'
  3. 'Once ready, dampers can be smothered in butter, syrup or jam, or filled with a campfire sausage.'
  4. 'As representative of everyday staple I would like to single out damper, a simple flat bread made of self-raising flour and hot water and baked on the hot ashes or on a wire over a small fire.'
  5. 'As a result, it's the old stand-by for lunch - damper and jam.'
  6. 'And when you want a bite to eat you can head on over to John's camp oven for a steaming plate of stew and damper.'

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1. a person or thing that damps or depresses: His glum mood put a damper on their party.

2. a movable plate for regulating the draft in a stove, furnace, etc.

3. Music. a device in stringed keyboard instruments to deaden the vibration of the strings. the mute of a brass instrument, as a horn.

4. Electricity. an attachment to keep the indicator of a measuring instrument from oscillating excessively, as a set of vanes in a fluid or a short-circuited winding in a magnetic field.

5. Ma

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"machairs can be damper."


put a damper on