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A barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its level, forming a reservoir used to generate electricity or as a water supply.
  1. in names 'the Hoover Dam'
  2. 'Water can already flow through turbines at dams in order to generate electricity.'
  3. 'He says when more than 1.3-billion people in the world don't have access to safe water and electricity, new dams will have to be built.'
  4. 'An Indian Supreme Court judgement finally gave the project the go-ahead, allowing the height of the dam to be raised to a level that would finally allow water to flow down the irrigation canals.'
  5. 'The town went into a steep decline after the construction of a dam left the beach waters cold enough for trout, but too cold for summer visitors.'
  6. 'You can have problems with rising and falling water levels as dams are opened and closed so never take water conditions for granted.'
  7. 'By raising the dam, water levels would reach a point where they would flood many of the beach-front properties that sit close to the lake shore.'
  8. 'He'll test them on Nile crocodiles in South Africa, which are imperiled because changes to a local dam will raise water levels and swamp nesting beaches.'
  9. 'A lake at Oakford Park, a pleasure resort near Pittsburgh, was flooded by a violent rainstorm and burst the dam, causing a wall of water to sweep down Bush Creek valley.'
  10. 'It was reasoned that the completed dam would undeniably supply electricity and therefore be of economic benefit in the broadest sense.'
  11. 'Factors ranging from pollution to water turbines, dams and weirs, for example, also account for the loss of eels.'
  12. 'Visitors will be fascinated to see the lodges and dams that beavers build and, given the chance, will be delighted to watch these entertaining and intelligent animals.'
  13. 'Photos from 40 years ago show a common practice of clearing vegetation and beaver dams from streams to help the water run more freely for irrigation.'
  14. 'the dam was full of water'
  15. 'The dam supplies water to millions of people in the Pretoria area, but the unicity has assured people that areas receiving piped municipal water were not at risk.'
  16. 'With water levels in the dams receding and ever tighter water restrictions looming, very soon there may not be enough water to grow new trees.'
  17. 'Without rain to refill dams, the restrictions could last until the end of the year.'
  18. 'The water level in Harangi dam near Kushalnagar has also increased.'
  19. 'The total water level of these dams is presently 18.8%, also lower than the 29.3% last season.'
  20. 'Spring rain left dams full as bellies after chips for tea.'
  21. 'Referring to the present power situation in the state, Sivadasan says water levels in dams are low.'
  22. 'Without seeing it Jess knew the water level of the dam would be down.'
  23. 'Once complete the aquifer will be able to supply water to various dams if there is a need.'
  24. 'Until a sufficient amount of rain falls to increase the water levels in the dams, everyone will need to do their part to conserve this precious resource.'
A rubber sheet used to keep saliva from the teeth during dental operations, or as a prophylactic device during cunnilingus and anilingus.


    Build a dam across (a river or lake)
    1. 'In the mid-nineteenth century the headwaters of the river were dammed, forming Spring Lake, which remains a popular attraction.'
    2. 'Lake Nasser was formed by damming the River Nile.'
    3. 'This is a reservoir of approximately 800 acres formed by damming the River Wolf.'
    4. 'In the Soviet era, the Vakhsh River was dammed for irrigation and electric power, and factories were built along its banks.'
    5. 'Since the river was dammed, Chinook salmon numbers have declined by 90%.'
    6. 'We're hearing lots of discussion about plans to dam the inland rivers, to dam the Cooper Creek, for example.'
    7. 'The remaining forest died out when the Hackensack River was dammed upstream, resulting in an invasion of salt water.'
    8. 'He says today's action has some similarities to the 1980s legal fight to save Tasmania's Franklin River from being dammed.'
    9. 'He dammed the loch, built a power station, and began installing what was to become the most sophisticated fish farm in the world.'
    10. 'But the best form of water storage is in the ground, not in huge surface reservoirs created by damming rivers.'
    11. 'the closed lock gates dammed up the canal'
    12. 'You dam it up in one place, it flows somewhere else.'
    13. 'Em was beginning to think that nothing she could do would dam the flood or lighten the pressure that pinned her arms to her sides.'
    14. 'Gavin noticed that I wasn't actually hanging in the waterfall, so he helpfully dammed it and periodically released a sudden four-second tidal wave to completely engulf me.'
    15. 'The European Union has adopted a general opt-in rule aimed at damming the flow of information.'
    16. 'Some of the lakes, dammed by the end/lateral moraine, have been expanded from ponds on the order of 100 m in length.'
    17. 'By enclosing poetic invention - that, like witchcraft, might transform heroes into swine - James attempted to dam Scottish culture.'
    18. 'Not only did the ridge dam the flow of freshwater from the north; it also put an end to trade along the Puran River.'
    19. 'Back in the 1960s and 1970s there seemed to be an endless stream of talented youngsters at most Scottish clubs, but when street football was dammed the supply was reduced to a trickle.'
    20. 'The guards had fallen back farther than he had hoped they would, and his rush from the chapel hadn't gotten here in time to dam the enemy up further back.'
    21. 'The flood was dammed, the trickle diminished to a drop here and there as though someone had put a bend in the hose-pipe - which, I suppose, in computer terms, they had.'


      More definitions

      1. a barrier to obstruct the flow of water, especially one of earth, masonry, etc., built across a stream or river.

      2. a body of water confined by a dam.

      3. any barrier resembling a dam. verb (used with object), dammed, damming.

      4. to furnish with a dam; obstruct or confine with a dam.

      5. to stop up; block up.

      More examples(as adjective)

      "rivers can be dammed."

      "ponds can be dammed."

      "offices can be dammed."


      (dam)Middle English: from Middle Low German or Middle Dutch; related to Dutch dam and German Damm, also to Old English fordemman ‘close up’.