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One's father.
  1. as name 'Mum and Dad were thrilled'
  2. 'Six months after his birth his dad left home, leaving his mother and all five children.'
  3. 'Mums and dads demonstrated outside the town's hospital in a bid to have it opened full-time.'
  4. 'He has been a doting dad and has been very confident with Jack from day one.'
  5. 'Andy has thrown his weight of support behind new calls for better paternity rights for dads.'
  6. 'Mums and dads with work commitments can now leave their children in a safe and productive environment.'
  7. 'Despite all of these challenges for dads and daughters, there are heartening signs.'
  8. 'Mums, dads and their children could be relocated as far away as Liverpool or Wigan under the scheme.'
  9. 'Proud dads have walked their daughters down this aisle and parents have christened their babies here.'
  10. 'My real dad taught me how to draw when I was 4 years old.'
  11. 'Our mums and dads never had anyone to help around the house, why should we?'

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1. father.

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"wears can be dad."

"ups can be dad."

"thoughts can be dad."

"stos can be dad."

"sons can be dad."

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(dad)Mid 16th century: perhaps imitative of a young child's first syllables da, da.