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Attractive in a pretty or endearing way.
  1. 'Of course, holding my beer and smudged in black grease, I had to pass some snide comment over the irony, and got a pretty cute smile for my efforts.'
  2. 'Expect a shrine to him some day in the future on my fotopage, he's a pretty cute kid.'
  3. 'As I reached Main Street, all I could think was how cute and charming it looked.'
  4. 'It's a very modern city, with very pretty people in very pretty and cute clothes walking busily around.'
  5. 'The contribution of these experienced taste-makers has been evident since deliveries of their cute tweed jackets and pretty camisoles first hit Gap branches last autumn.'
  6. 'The baby wore a cute blue outfit with a teddy bear covering his bottom.'
  7. 'He smiled down at me, two very cute dimples appearing on his cheeks.'
  8. 'There is an endearing bunch of cute and funny characters.'
  9. 'Summer and Marissa looking gorgeous in a pretty skirt and very cute dress both by Burning Torch.'
  10. 'I had woken Zeke up and he had then given me a cute smile.'
  11. 'Ryan's cute but he's kinda young'
  12. 'But he would look so much cuter without the dark sunglasses that hide too much of his face.'
  13. 'Benatar had a rough-hewn sexuality; John was coquettish and irksomely cute.'
  14. '‘I thought she was cute and pretty but a little frantic,’ Perkins recalled.'
  15. 'I wasn't stupid, I knew they were pretty cute looking guys.'
  16. 'When I got off the ride, a really cute boy started to take my seat.'
  17. 'This sophisticated giant oozes sex appeal as well as being cute and pretty, perfect for a woman like me.'
  18. 'The person behind the counter had changed, to a really cute boy.'
  19. 'The spaceships had cool design and the girl was pretty cute.'
  20. 'He was pretty cute too, in a dumb blond surfer way.'
  21. 'Three pretty girls, one hidden behind too much make up, four pretty cute guys.'
Clever or cunning, especially in a self-seeking or superficial way.
  1. 'the two brothers were cute enough to find a couple of rich women and marry them'
  2. 'And all this time I thought Helen Fielding was just being cute and clever in using the term.'
  3. 'It's a cute idea that invariably entrances young children, hence the longevity of this work through the ages.'
  4. 'Without The Beatles, the odds are that Paul McCartney would have been just another good writer of cute, catchy and clever pop songs.'
  5. 'He gives in to temptation in other places too… gets a little too cute, wants to look a little too clever.'
  6. 'There's a tendency to think of satire as cute and clever.'
  7. 'Some of the sketches depict the cute mental mnemonics that Penrose employs to keep ideas clearly in his mind.'
  8. 'Sam took a deep breath and picked up the newspaper, forcing back the idea to throw it at something cute and fluffy.'
  9. 'If you can get past McPhee's overly cute wordplay, you'll find this an extremely helpful resource in interpreting your dreams.'
  10. 'It's pretty cute, you mark where you come from on the map, with a little person-icon you choose.'
  11. 'Once Slatkin stepped a bit on the pedal, it worked out very nicely and the trumpet call from the wings was at least a cute idea.'
  12. 'Kris and I just finished watching Mean Girls, which I thought was a pretty cute movie.'
  13. 'There are some cute ideas here - like glasses that keep things cold for a long time.'
  14. 'I have been trying to think of how I want to decorate my blog come holiday time, and I have finally come up with a cute idea.'
  15. 'I saw a very cute idea done on a mini tree that would work well for rosemary.'


1. attractive, especially in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little apartment.

2. appealing and delightful; charming: What a cute toy!

3. affectedly or mincingly pretty or clever; precious: The child has acquired some intolerably cute mannerisms.

4. mentally keen; clever; shrewd. noun

5. the cutes, Informal. self-consciously cute mannerisms or appeal; affected coyness: The young actress has a bad case of the cutes. Idioms

6. me

More examples(as adjective)

"heros can be cute instead of things."

"people can be cute without things."

"people can be cute in suits."

"people can be cute in outfits."

"people can be cute in morningsuits."

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Early 18th century (in the sense ‘clever, shrewd’): shortening of acute.