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Rudely brief.
  1. 'Fred could see the compliment was sincere in her expressive eyes and gave a curt nod then started down the stairs.'
  2. 'He saluted members of the staff with curt nods of his head but didn't stop.'
  3. 'People will instead use acronyms to convey short, curt, and informative message to one another.'
  4. 'Mr. Shay gave a curt nod, placing his hat back onto his head.'
  5. 'She jerked her head at me in a curt nod and remained looking stony.'
  6. 'She walked stiffly towards the group that was waiting for them and gave Dr. Wordsworth a curt nod.'
  7. 'Then with a curt nod he left the table, making his way straight to the bar.'
  8. 'She continued her promenade down the hallway, greeting those that she knew with a smile and a curt nod.'
  9. 'He thought about what he said, gave a curt nod as if to reassure himself, and ushered them into the next room.'
  10. 'I'd noticed that in a few short hours that his curt and snappish side was back.'


1. rudely brief in speech or abrupt in manner.

2. brief; concise; terse; laconic.

3. short; shortened.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be curt with presses."

"nods can be curt."

"replies can be curt."

"tones can be curt."

"statements can be curt."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘short, shortened’): from Latin curtus ‘cut short, abridged’.