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Made, growing, or arranged in curls or curves.
  1. 'His hair is dark and crazily curly, but he's much softer looking in the flesh and smiling happily at us all.'
  2. 'She pulled back her light brown ringlets into a curly chignon and tied it with a green ribbon.'
  3. 'My booked seat on the train was opposite an attractive woman with tanned skin and long curly blonde hair.'
  4. 'She isn't based on herself, she insists, apart from sharing her own red, curly hair.'
  5. 'I don't want to say that it was a frightening situation, but my red nose did get pulled off and my curly orange wig was no more.'
  6. 'My hair is slightly curly and looks a mess at the best of times, so no-one has noticed the difference.'
  7. 'If you are going to be truly folk, curly long hair and a proud expression are essential.'
  8. 'I think Fred loves the taste of these curly fries as much as dislike them.'
  9. 'It was too hard for National to figure out how to solve that curly problem in the middle of Auckland.'
  10. 'The trains go everywhere and there isn't a curly cornbeef sandwich in sight.'


1. curling or tending to curl: curly blond hair.

2. having curls (usually used in combination): curlyheaded.

3. having a rippled or undulating appearance, as cut and finished wood: curly maple.

More examples(as adjective)

"hairs can be curly."

"tops can be curly."

"tails can be curly."

"styles can be curly."

"heads can be curly."

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