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An aggressive or unkempt dog, especially a mongrel.
  1. 'The weasel on the front is a nice touch, but a mangy cur would have been a better image.'
  2. 'The crew snarled like roused curs, and some made as if to stand, hands clasping the hilts of cutlasses and swords, daggers and stilettos.'
  3. 'A bloodied, slimy ball of a pig, mistakenly corralled amidst the curs, dislodged itself from the slaughter, squealing and stinking, and made straight for the sketch artist.'
  4. 'As you poke the dog, it becomes more and more likely that the cur will attack you - at which point you'll have to shoot it.'
  5. 'A little man with splendid white hair imitated a cur baying at the moon.'
  6. 'They nuzzled the bloody bodies, pressed their faces against the curs ' short-haired skulls, exhaling remonstrances and reassurances into the ruined ears.'
  7. 'Malcolm still plans to take her on summer searches, however, along with his new rescue dog, a little Lakeland collie cur, Spindrift.'
  8. 'The coyote-dog barked viciously at Jack, and it was all he could do not to unleash his full fury on the cur.'
  9. 'Sir Stephen may have been an egocentric cur, but he, at least, was noble!'
  10. 'Yes, unfortunately I do recognize you, and the only change I can see is your growth into a more pathetic and loathsome man than the cur I knew before this trip.'
  11. 'Even if he doesn't die in war, which is no doubt God's plan for the corrupt cur, and if he doesn't run away with a Yankee brat as I predict, you shan't see him.'
  12. 'It's just a shame that those truly responsible for slaughter hide behind the innocents - like the cowardly curs they truly are.'
  13. 'When she tells Alfonso that Eric is on board and cannot step on Bucca, he starts calling the men to retrieve the Avalonian cur from the Lucky Dog to be arrested for stealing from the Counsel!'
  14. 'The Court of Appeal agreed with the trial judge that the language used by the farmer in the two conversations, which included calling the farm hand a liar and a bastard and a cur, justified the farm hand in leaving.'
  15. '‘Our boys are fighting and dying for the infernal curs and traitors inside,’ one speaker cried.'

More definitions

1. a mongrel dog, especially a worthless or unfriendly one.

2. a mean, cowardly person.

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"homos can be cur."

"rounds can be cur."

"datas can be cur."


Middle English (in the general sense ‘dog’): probably originally in cur-dog, perhaps from Old Norse kurr ‘grumbling’.