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Large or heavy and therefore difficult to carry or use; unwieldy.
  1. 'She carried her cumbersome equipment herself, kept a low profile and discouraged people from focusing on her.'
  2. 'The major gripe by referees was the fact that the apparatus they were asked to carry was heavy and cumbersome.'
  3. 'She didn't care that she didn't have a backpack to carry her cumbersome books in.'
  4. 'My tackle seemed entirely appropriate in the garage but proved cumbersome on the rocks.'
  5. 'A folding chair such as this could just as easily have been made from wood, and wouldn't have been any heavier or cumbersome to use.'
  6. 'She was determined to show this woman that she was not a cumbersome weight.'
  7. 'Both don the heavy, cumbersome diving suits and have their huge helmet clamped on.'
  8. 'It felt as heavy and cumbersome as armour, though she was warm and snug enough.'
  9. 'It was difficult for Cora to walk in because the train was three feet long, heavy, and cumbersome.'
  10. 'Though her cast was heavy and cumbersome she was able to get around after the first week.'
  11. 'organizations with cumbersome hierarchical structures'
  12. 'If a task manager is too cumbersome to use, you won't bother with it.'
  13. 'The modular fighting system could make this deployment process even more cumbersome.'
  14. 'This type of action is none the less procedurally cumbersome and substantively difficult to apply, and is rarely used.'
  15. 'The command economy relied upon a vast and cumbersome bureaucracy in which there were few incentives for efficiency and innovation.'
  16. 'Voters can only wait and see if they elected a capable team to carry out these cumbersome tasks.'
  17. '"Some people might find the new system cumbersome and not bother registering to vote, " he said.'
  18. 'There is a plethora of solutions that companies can purchase, but sometimes they can be rather cumbersome to implement.'
  19. 'The complexities of having eight different airlines with different working cultures must surely prove cumbersome.'
  20. 'But Franklin wanted to make the process less cumbersome.'
  21. 'The process may be somewhat cumbersome, but it could avoid problems down the road.'


1. burdensome; troublesome.

2. unwieldy; clumsy.

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"weapons can be cumbersome on feet."

"systems can be cumbersome in extremes."

"styles can be cumbersome in appearances."

"roofs can be cumbersome for people."

"procedures can be cumbersome to tenants."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘difficult to get through’): from cumber + -some.