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Relating to the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a society.
  1. 'They embody and give significance to cultural and social differences in a society.'
  2. 'Thus they represented a social and cultural nostalgia for faith and community.'
  3. 'That is, they are interested in how any society conceives its cultural substratum.'
  4. 'Some of us saw this new cultural context coming, but we are all, finally, surprised by it.'
  5. 'But Western philosophy preaches that cultural relativism starts from one's own.'
  6. 'As a free marketeer, I hate monopoly of any sort, be it economic, cultural or social.'
  7. 'Edinburgh is a great city with a long tradition of cultural diversity and social tolerance.'
  8. 'The point about understanding across cultural and social boundaries is important.'
  9. 'He did not preserve them as cultural heritage.'
  10. 'Legal norms capture and reinforce deep cultural norms and community practices.'
Relating to the arts and to intellectual achievements.
  1. 'It seems that every town and village in France puts on cultural festivals of some type or another.'
  2. 'So what does he think of the cultural climate in Scotland for young artists now?'
  3. 'When you buy work from a living artist you are helping to ensure continuing cultural innovation.'


1. of or relating to culture or cultivation.

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"people can be cultural in senses."

"differences can be cultural in origins."

"revolutions can be cultural."

"heritages can be cultural."

"differences can be cultural."

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Mid 19th century: from Latin cultura ‘tillage’ + -al.