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A thing said or done that serves as a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance.
  1. 'He looked toward the door and cleared his throat obnoxiously, as if someone had missed his or her cue to enter.'
  2. 'Children don't understand many of the common cues in a live performance.'
  3. 'Alcohol may serve as a cue, making certain behaviors more accessible and likely.'
  4. 'There is a generous amount of sound cues but no speech in any form, since the developers have elected to remove things like unit acknowledgement.'
  5. 'He needs a more subtle way of looking for his musical cues from the monitor at the front of the stage.'
  6. 'The actors flurry about backstage, hissing, thumping and gesticulating wildly between cues.'
  7. 'Having the orchestra play straight through these groups of cues keeps their performance really sharp and also saves time overall.'
  8. 'We already had had disasters with actors losing their cue when their partner skipped a line, or having black outs with no one on stage able to cut in.'
  9. 'The girl takes a cue and begins dancing, keeping almost perfect beat to the tune.'
  10. 'Actors miss their cues, the dubbing is just out of synch, the sound effects are too loud and don't match up with the action on-screen.'
  11. 'his success was the cue for the rest of Fleet Street to forge ahead'
  12. 'The act of the secondary observer writing down an observation when the primary observer has not indicated a detection can serve as a cue to the primary observer.'
  13. 'This was the cue for the home team to get their act together and they did.'
  14. 'The digit served as a cue to make a guess in the probability-guessing task.'
  15. 'That was the cue for Paul, who has been criticised at times this season, to take centre stage, and he answered those critics in no uncertain terms.'
  16. 'This was my cue to begin a slow approach with the camera, all the time being eyed warily by the triggerfish.'
  17. 'As if this was the cue to begin, all four started to transform.'
  18. 'Be advised that each species responds to specific environmental cues to begin migration and may take flight ahead of schedule.'
  19. 'This served as the cue for sections of the media north of the border to lament the fact that a similar progressive outlook did not exist in this country.'
  20. 'And in this smart pub, where a Glaswegian salad is the order of the day, that's the cue for another round of reminiscing.'
  21. 'The plan should list peak flow meter readings or specific symptoms that will serve as your cue to go to the ER.'
  22. 'In fact, in some cases corroborative evidence serves as the retrieval cue for the repressed memory.'
  23. 'Developing such cognitive networks provides more cues for recall and makes the connections more stable and durable over time, making them easier to remember.'
  24. 'The prospective memory cues occurred in 12 trials out of the total 112 trials.'
  25. 'The context acts as a cue to retrieve the memory of events that occurred in its presence.'
  26. 'These kinds of cues are generally effective when a free recall test - a memory search without cues - starts to come up empty.'
  27. 'Retrieval cues do not bring about a complete memory of some events because most of the event was not encoded.'
  28. 'In the absence of explicit retrieval cues, pair recall will be facilitated by factors that promote unitization of each pair.'
  29. 'The results of this study also demonstrate that gestures can be external retrieval cues for a memory event.'
  30. 'Any cinema studies student will be able to go into great detail about all the cues put into cinema to make us understand that something not actually represented is going on.'
  31. 'In this study, the use of language specific retrieval cues did not yield language-specific recall.'
  32. 'Lacking auditory and visual cues, the e-mail message or newsgroup post can be productively ambiguous in tone.'
  33. 'Clothing and decoration provide important cues to aid interpersonal and intrapersonal communication.'
  34. 'Because of this selectivity, the nurses pay less attention to irrelevant cues and use fewer information cues overall.'
  35. 'We were the ones who did not know the protocols - but followed the few cues.'
  36. 'Consequently, these characteristics may serve as cues that are used by respondents to guide their interactions with survey interviewers.'
  37. 'Was it a case of a people merely following the cues of their leader?'
A facility for playing through an audio or video recording very rapidly until a desired starting point is reached.


    Give a cue to or for.
    1. 'Unity was the message; cue loud applause from almost the entire room.'
    2. 'When cued by the end of a song or solo, the room would erupt into enthusiastic applause and ‘woos,’ not to mention the standing ovations that brought both concerts to an end.'
    3. 'Ok I embellish but that's my interpretation when she cues the violins.'
    4. 'As the game shifts in tone from the humorous to the dark and back again, this production feels compelled to cue the audience with an almost comic earnestness.'
    5. 'So, not content with reducing my audience to laughter with my first attempt, I cued the musicians to start over.'
    6. 'Note the telling musical score, anticipating events, cueing the audience as to when to be scared, assuming we cannot figure that out ourselves.'
    7. 'The musicians sit scattered at both ends of the stage, warming up for an improv exercise in which they cue dancers to stop dancing by quickly interrupting their movement with music.'
    8. 'Our vast inside sources cued us in about this extraordinary gentleman.'
    9. 'In the earlier days, I wanted the music to cue you almost like a curtain.'
    10. 'He won't speak to the press unless an overture of fanned notes cues him.'
    11. 'have a list of needs and questions on paper to cue you'
    12. 'This may include cueing or prompting, questioning, modeling, telling, or discussing.'
    13. 'For recall to be the measure that most appropriately captures the process of shopping and product choice, shoppers would remember the brand name without being cued or reminded.'
    Set a piece of audio or video equipment in readiness to play (a particular part of the recorded material)
    1. 'The snickering stopped when I realized - cue melodramatic organ music - that the creepy kid was me.'
    2. 'The director called for the clip, but, oops, it wasn't cued.'
    3. 'If you own the tape, its probably cued up to this piece.'
    4. 'Press the same button again to put the camera shot back on, and then you would press a button next to it to cue up the next graphic.'
    5. 'Because recorded motion can be cued and played back live, the puppeteer can layer a performance, as one would produce a multitrack audio recording.'
    6. 'He fixes my ‘broken’ tape recorder and cues it faster than I can write this sentence.'
    7. 'When I stick it in the drive again an hour or even a year later, it cues it back up to where I left off.'
    8. 'I think that's a good goal to shoot for, but I don't necessarily agree that everything has to be cued up in one master list to achieve it.'
    9. 'The tape with the self-righteous denunciations has been taken off the reel while the new tape, full of self-righteous media navel-gazing, is cued up.'
    10. 'He seemed to have been having difficulty taking out our track and cueing the next set of music and it caused tremendous problems for us because the band was going in fits and starts.'


    A long straight tapering wooden rod for striking the ball in snooker, billiards, etc.
    1. 'At one stage he went out armed with a snooker cue, but went back inside.'
    2. 'If I strike a billiard ball with a cue stick, I effect a transfer of [physical] energy.'
    3. 'Unlike, say, a tennis racket or cricket bat, a snooker cue is thought irreplaceable by its owner.'
    4. 'This game is more than just a game of balls and pockets and cues.'
    5. 'When the cue hits the object ball it will bend the tangent line back away from the corner.'
    6. 'A quick nudge of the cue and the 4 ball was in, center pocket.'
    7. 'Pool is supposed to be an easy starting point for cue sports.'
    8. 'Other items include a snooker cue signed by top stars, an England under 21s signed match ball and Bath rugby shirts and balls signed by players.'
    9. 'It got worse when, attempting to summon a waiter for more wine, I mistakenly outbid everyone in the raffle for a snooker cue signed by innumerable world champions.'
    10. 'Bend forward into a shooting position and see if you feel you can sight straight down your cue.'


    Use a cue to strike the ball.
    1. '‘Stephen deserved to win it - he was cueing beautifully and produced his best form when it mattered,’ said the six-times champion.'
    2. 'But I started cueing well and Alan couldn't put me away,’ he said.'
    3. 'The Welshman just about deserved to edge ahead after cueing so well in the early stages of the match, although his game dipped after the interval.'
    4. '‘I missed a few easy balls today but I am cueing brilliantly,’ he said.'

    More definitions

    1. anything said or done, on or off stage, that is followed by a specific line or action: An off-stage door slam was his cue to enter.

    2. anything that excites to action; stimulus.

    3. a hint; intimation; guiding suggestion.

    4. the part a person is to play; a prescribed or necessary course of action.

    5. a sensory signal used to identify experiences, facilitate memory, or organize responses.

    6. Archaic. frame of mind; mood. verb (used with object), cued, cuing.

    7. to provide wit

    More examples(as adjective)

    "retainers can be cue."

    "missiles can be cue."

    "informations can be cue."


    (cue)Mid 18th century (denoting a long plait or pigtail): variant of queue.


    on cue
    take one's cue from