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Shed tears in distress, pain, or sorrow.
  1. with object 'you'll cry tears of joy'
  2. 'Woman were crying with tears of joy as men swung their children around before giving them a smothering bear hug.'
  3. 'She cried all night and refused to speak to her father.'
  4. 'My mom cries a lot.'
  5. 'Throwing herself across her blue flower bedspread, she cried herself to sleep the first night of her period and many nights afterwards.'
  6. 'He cried too, tears of shame for hurting her and his wife, tears of loss because just thinking about life without her made his internal organs cramp in distress.'
  7. 'It was considered good to cry so tears were frequently shed in public by both men and women.'
  8. 'Now as he sat in his chair thinking about his oldest daughter, he remembered that not even in the hospital did she cry - not one tear was shed.'
  9. 'She continued to cry softly on his shoulder, but there was no sadness in her tears.'
  10. 'It was not supposed to end with her slumped on an Athens pavement, crying bitter tears of pain and frustration.'
  11. 'Homeless and friendless, I set out into the slums, and found a quiet alleyway near an open air market to cry myself to sleep in.'
Shout or scream in fear, pain, or grief.
  1. 'She spent many an agonizing night biting her lip to keep from crying out in pain as he relentlessly beat her up in his drunkenness.'
  2. 'In the confusion, a voice cried out through the tunnel.'
  3. 'James was being frequently sick and crying out in pain.'
  4. 'The children cried out for help as the ice crack more along the surface.'
  5. 'He tried to regain his footing, but his right leg gave out and he tumbled back into the dirt, crying out in pain.'
  6. 'Abby went sprawling a few feet away, landing hard and crying out in pain and fear.'
  7. 'He bit hard onto his tongue to keep from crying out from the pain to come.'
  8. 'I felt something hit me in my stomach, and landed flat on my back, crying out in pain.'
  9. 'She sat in her cell, trying to hold it in, but still crying out in pain.'
  10. 'Kim's eyes filled with tears involuntarily and she cried out in pain.'
  11. '‘Where will it end?’ he cried out'
  12. '"What? " the children cried in unison.'
  13. 'What luck, cried the student and plucked the great flower.'
  14. 'Suddenly a voice cried out to her in this manner: Get up quickly!'
  15. '‘I deserve every pain you may inflict on me,’ she cried, tears welling up in her eyes.'
  16. 'there was a bustle of activity as vendors cried their wares, offering shellfish to potential buyers'
  17. 'He notes that Hamilton often caught his sellers in the act of selling rather than crying their goods.'
  18. 'Store owners and merchants were crying out their wares or conducting business.'
(of a bird or other animal) make a loud characteristic call.
  1. 'Overhead, a bird cried, and in the distance, another answered.'
  2. 'The breeze drifting through my window is warm, and somewhere I hear a bird crying over the water.'
  3. 'Again the dogs cried, this time closer, and caused the horse to spook.'
  4. 'An owl cried out.'
  5. 'The eight birds cried wildly and fluttered over them in fright.'
  6. 'The bird cried out, thrashing its wings.'
  7. 'Somewhere a bird cried, and up on the hill the tinkling sound of a cowbell rang.'


A loud inarticulate shout or scream expressing a powerful feeling or emotion.
  1. 'The prisoners were panicking, and there were loud shouts and cries of fear.'
  2. 'Shouts and cries and screams filled the room, creating a wave of noise that crashed down on James' ears, leaving him feeling numb and deaf.'
  3. 'He slumped against the door and listened for a cry or a scream or anything at all, but when none came he realized how much shock she must be in.'
  4. 'Back at the airport, there were screams and shrieks, cries and prayers as others witnessed the crash.'
  5. 'Crouched over in agony, Ruth's terrible cry of betrayal seems torn from the depths of her soul.'
  6. 'The baby let out a lusty cry and we all shed tears of joy.'
  7. 'I gave a strangled cry before bursting into tears on Adelle's shoulder.'
  8. 'He gave an inarticulate cry and attempted to wedge himself further into the corner he was occupying.'
  9. 'When I finally got up all I could see was smoke, and I could hear the cries and screams of the survivors.'
  10. 'She went down with a cry of pain as tears sprang to her eyes.'
  11. 'there was a cry of ‘Silence!’'
  12. 'It's the hub of village life and when you go there at night, expect some of the elderly worse-for-wear locals to greet you with cries of ‘Hello, my brother’ when they discover you're Irish.'
  13. 'Impassioned cries of: ‘We will shed blood to save the Datta Peetha’ were raised.'
  14. 'Despite the lights and the trains and the noise, it is quite easy to imagine the cries of the hawkers in a different age.'
  15. 'Visitors are battered by a cacophony of cries by hawkers trying to flog a variety of the ubiquitous plastic trinkets and squeaking toys.'
  16. 'In the weavers' cottage, weavers would be hard at work, and the streets thronged with people, where visitors would hear the cries of street traders selling their wares.'
  17. 'fund-raisers have issued a cry for help'
  18. 'So too was his cry for reform silenced the medieval way.'
  19. 'The likely chairman of the proposed new York rugby league club, Roger Dixon, has issued a rallying cry for fans to keep doing their bit for the cause.'
  20. 'The club who has issued a cry for help says it will disband within the next three weeks, unless immediate support from parents and supporters comes forward.'
  21. 'Then, the howling in the trees was their plaintive cries for help.'
  22. 'Often the messages have been copied to a number of us to ensure his cry for help has been registered.'
  23. 'The woman's desperate cries for help to the emergency services had been recorded.'
  24. 'Thank you for your quick response to the cry for attention I issued upon my blog.'
  25. 'peace became the popular cry'
  26. 'One group has proposed that he can openly join the national cry for urgent action by the Government and its many arms which exist to deal specifically with the problem.'
  27. 'Soon, international opinion took up the cry and the authorities reacted quickly.'
The loud characteristic call of a bird or other animal.
  1. 'The cries of topical birds and animals could be heard very clearly in the night air.'
  2. 'Ranging from the chirp of crickets to the loud, booming cry of indigenous animals, the wilderness is truly alive with the sounds of fauna.'
  3. 'These noisy animals have several types of cries and bloodcurdling howls.'
  4. 'Imagining their hoots to be the cry of some dangerous animal, she had spent nearly two terrified days on the run from her rescuers.'
  5. 'Abby looked skyward and was greeted by the cry of an angry bird, warning her away from his meal.'
  6. 'I could hear strange animal cries; some so deep and loud they sent chills up my spine.'
  7. 'A few cries came from nocturnal birds, hunting rodents.'
  8. 'The air is full of bird cries and one may even spot a few deer.'
  9. 'There was silence in the meadow for a few minutes, except for the cries of distant birds.'
  10. 'Animal cries and howls wailed through the valley.'
A spell of shedding tears.
  1. 'I have a cry while I slice the onions.'
  2. 'He took an awful long time coming back, because he had to keep stopping to have a cry!'
  3. 'After my initial cry, I don't think I shed another tear for Steve.'
  4. 'Sometimes there is nothing like a good cry.'
A pack of hounds.
  1. 'He had two hunting hounds that were to be part of the cry of hounds that the lord of the manor then kept.'
  2. 'It is the only county in which I have heard a pack of hounds called a cry of dogs.'
  3. 'She was hindered by a full cry of hounds and horsemen pursuing a hare.'

More definitions

1. to utter inarticulate sounds, especially of lamentation, grief, or suffering, usually with tears.

2. to weep; shed tears, with or without sound.

3. to call loudly; shout; yell (sometimes followed by out).

4. to demand resolution or strongly indicate a particular disposition: The rise in crime cried out for greater police protection.

5. to give forth vocal sounds or characteristic calls, as animals; yelp; bark.

6. (of a hound or pack) to bay

More examples(as adjective)

"puppies can be cry after things."

"people can be cry on rates."

"people can be cry."

"puppies can be cry."


Middle English (in the sense ‘ask for earnestly or loudly’): from Old French crier (verb), cri (noun), from Latin quiritare ‘raise a public outcry’, literally ‘call on the Quirites (Roman citizens) for help’.


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