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In a natural or raw state; not yet processed or refined.
  1. 'The bulk of exports are crude oil, refined products, and natural gas liquids.'
  2. 'Oil refining refers to the processes involved in converting crude oil into useful petroleum products.'
  3. 'The sooner we develop them the less reliant we will be on imports of crude oil and refined petroleum products.'
  4. 'Their production of crude oil and natural gas began in 1969, greatly reducing Australia's dependence on imported oil.'
  5. 'For example, a petroleum firm explores for oil in many parts of the world, transports it to its refineries where crude oil is processed, and supplies various petroleum outputs to retail outlets.'
  6. 'the crude mortality rate'
  7. 'European countries have high taxation, and because there are lots of them, this distorts the calculation of crude averages.'
  8. 'Using multivariate logistic regression we adjusted the crude odds ratios for these variables, also controlling for any identified confounders and stratifying by effect modifiers.'
  9. 'Note that the available experimental data only allow a crude estimation of the parameter.'
  10. 'One fairly crude estimation of social mobility can be arrived at by comparing social class of origin with that of destination.'
  11. '‘I made crude estimates of bite force years ago on large alligators and knew that the forces were large,’ he said.'
  12. 'These comparisons are rather crude since the sample sizes and geographic distribution of lines differ in each study.'
  13. 'But I'm willing to consider crude estimates, if no more precise ones are conveniently available.'
  14. 'It is probably time to accept that raw taxonomic counts provide only a first, crude estimate of biodiversity dynamics and occasionally may be downright misleading.'
  15. 'Estimates of poverty remain crude for the years before the federal government instituted an official poverty line in the 1960s.'
  16. 'They allow students to assess their own progress, and parents to make a crude comparison between schools.'
  17. 'They also classify species according to abundance (based on crude estimates of population density and suitable habitat).'
Constructed in a rudimentary or makeshift way.
  1. 'Ankamama, an old man crippled in the war, makes weapons with the available material in his crude workshop.'
  2. 'With these crude weapons, the basic principles of artillery were laid down.'
  3. 'The police chief said around 100 protesters had been detained earlier this week at the French border as they tried to smuggle in axes, baseball bats and other crude weapons.'
  4. 'They were small, little more than crude devices put in rubbish bins, and injured few people.'
  5. 'Thus, even today, it has only enough plutonium for one or two crude nuclear devices.'
  6. 'They probably can put a crude nuclear weapon on one of their shorter - range missiles.'
  7. 'It is currently far too crude a weapon though and it needs to be more focused on persistent criminals.'
  8. 'The construction was crude, but he was pretty sure it would be safe enough to use as an escape tunnel.'
  9. 'It's also possible that you could - that you could structure radioactive material around a crude explosive device, have a crude dirty nuclear weapon.'
  10. 'The earliest tool kit, termed the Oldowan, is characterized by choppers, crude implements fashioned from cobbles by striking off flakes from either side of the stone to create a sharp edge.'
  11. 'This financial analysis is basic, almost crude.'
  12. 'This has not prevented the companies from engaging in price discrimination altogether, but has forced them to engage in relatively crude versions.'
  13. 'Yet however imperfect, however crude, they afford the historian's best access to even a rough estimate of public opinion of the period.'
  14. 'Various rather crude attempts are being made to whip up opposition to such options.'
  15. 'Our method of recording votes and presenting the results may be crude, but it works, and it's accurate.'
  16. 'This is inadequate and misleading because it depends on a crude kind of rationalism.'
  17. 'While some employers resort to crude tactics, others are more subtle in their tactics aimed at discouraging union activity.'
  18. 'Not because the idea is so crude and unlikely, but because of the enormous prospect of being rejected by everyone.'
  19. 'A more crude approach is bin raiding, where thieves steal rubbish to search for sensitive documents such as bank statements or utility bills.'
  20. 'I know no case where this kind of crude forgery has succeeded.'
Offensively coarse or rude, especially in relation to sexual matters.
  1. 'Like most ‘metal’ bands, critics have found them shrill, crude, and offensive.'
  2. 'I think it unlikely that any of these men would think it acceptable if other men were to make crude sexual comments about their sisters or daughters.'
  3. 'With no women there to keep us civilized and on our best behavior, I suspect that bodily noises and crude jokes will also be involved.'
  4. 'They're entertaining for the most part, with plenty of tales of real-life adventure, foul language, crude jokes, technical detail and daring.'
  5. 'The joke was deliberately crude, but perhaps I just had trouble conveying that.'
  6. 'I have spoken to him perhaps six times and every time, he has said something crude or offensive.'
  7. 'Not that I'm not in favour of a crude joke or a dirty joke but only if it's a really clever funny one.'
  8. 'She vaguely remembered him from a childhood television program, which made his crude jokes especially shocking.'
  9. 'Most of what they said to me I blocked, but I do remember they made very crude sexual advances towards me.'


Natural mineral oil.
  1. 'Even Singapore, Asia's premier refining center, has lost 0.2% of its GDP due to more expensive crude.'
  2. 'In London on Monday, oil prices hit a six-month high, with a barrel of benchmark Brent North Sea crude for April delivery as high as $24.05 at one point.'
  3. 'Officials from the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries expressed concern of pumping too much crude in the second quarter.'
  4. 'During the same period, China exported 4.3 million tonnes of crude for US $1 billion.'
  5. 'But oil crossed into new territory in Singapore trade this afternoon, with TAPIS crude hitting $67.44 US a barrel.'
  6. 'A couple weeks ago, give or take, when a barrel of West Texas intermediate crude got down to around $37, I said I thought that might be near a low.'
  7. 'Today, Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela each supply the U.S. with roughly as much crude as Saudi Arabia, the world's top producer.'
  8. 'New York's benchmark contract, light sweet crude for delivery in July, rose 29 cents to US $38.75 a barrel.'
  9. 'Washington believes West African crude, including Sao Tome's potentially big reserves, could help reduce its dependence on Middle Eastern supplies.'
  10. 'After a period of rest and/or consolidation, the charts suggest that crude will make another stab at those March-April highs before all is said and done.'


1. in a raw or unprepared state; unrefined or natural: crude sugar.

2. lacking in intellectual subtlety, perceptivity, etc.; rudimentary; undeveloped.

3. lacking finish, polish, or completeness: a crude summary.

4. lacking culture, refinement, tact, etc.: crude behavior.

5. undisguised; blunt: a crude answer.

6. Obsolete. unripe; not mature. noun

7. crude oil.

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"blends can be crude for sales."

"works can be crude in executions."

"works can be crude in colours."

"twos can be crude into components."

"theories can be crude of uses."

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Late Middle English: from Latin crudus ‘raw, rough’.