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Mad, especially as manifested in wild or aggressive behaviour.
  1. 'a crazy look'
  2. 'They start by telling you the man was crazy or deranged and conclude by saying he was a liar.'
  3. 'So while he comes out looking like the hapless victim of wilful misinterpretation, Carol is portrayed as mentally fragile and misguided, if not downright crazy.'
  4. 'I must be crazy to think that I'd be safe from mosquitoes in my own bathroom.'
  5. 'So people thought we were crazy to be dancing on the middle of the road.'
  6. 'A person would have to be crazy to suggest that it is.'
  7. 'Though a sad, sick fan also went crazy and assaulted the referee.'
  8. 'Everyone thought he went crazy, thought he was a madman.'
  9. 'He said that he ‘just went a little bit crazy, mental.’'
  10. 'Maybe I was going completely crazy, which I think I was.'
  11. 'He looked at me as if I were just too crazy to be let out in public.'
  12. 'Some of them are driving me crazy and I worry that I am becoming like teachers I had at school who just couldn't deal with certain classes.'
  13. 'With the technology that's come down, it is driving us crazy.'
  14. 'All this talk of the party was driving her crazy.'
  15. 'Nowadays, rampant adaptations of movies and TV series are driving me crazy.'
  16. 'One of my colleagues asked me, a few hours in to the working day, whether the dripping sound was driving me crazy.'
  17. 'This whole thing with Eric is driving me crazy, Heather.'
  18. 'Also she quit her job a while back as it was driving her crazy.'
  19. 'Something is wrong with the photo site, and it is driving us crazy!'
  20. 'He was driving her crazy acting like a stubborn child.'
  21. 'Is there something about someone you know or work with that is driving you crazy?'
  22. 'it was crazy to hope that good might come out of this mess'
  23. 'To secular people it seems crazy, the triumph of religion over common sense.'
  24. 'Maybe I'm crazy to think that people in power should be intelligent enough to conduct interviews and answer questions properly.'
  25. 'I'd be crazy to put myself in a situation where I would feel compromised by my allegiance to the club.'
  26. 'It would be absolutely crazy to go beyond Croke Park.'
  27. 'People have told me that I'm crazy to do it but if I survive it will be an amazing trip.'
  28. 'Those Brits were crazy to retreat from Dunkirk!'
  29. 'Other lawyers said he was crazy to gamble millions of his firm's hours and resources on what looked like lost causes.'
  30. 'It would be crazy to think of introducing another by-law to supersede one we have not even introduced yet.'
  31. 'You'd be crazy to get a normal CD-ROM on your machine now.'
  32. 'It seems totally crazy to have left a good job in NZ to come here to be together and then have to spend less time ‘together’ than we did when I lived in NZ.'
Extremely enthusiastic.
  1. in combination 'a football-crazy bunch of boys'
  2. 'Just like his many fans, his TV family was crazy about him.'
  3. 'I don't know if I'm crazy about the idea - I like a consistent look & feel.'
  4. 'Another key reason that I'm crazy about marriage stems from the fact that it truly is a unique relationship, and one to be valued and cherished.'
  5. 'I mean, I knew from his scrapbook he was crazy about motorcycles.'
  6. 'I am crazy about music and movies and, as a hobby, I am addicted to searching for CDs, VCDs and DVDs in whatever places I can find them.'
  7. 'I have two pairs of slippers now, but I'm not crazy about either one.'
  8. 'A few things contribute to why I'm so crazy about working out.'
  9. 'The teacher, he admitted, wasn't crazy about his invention.'
  10. 'I'm not crazy about buying Zack a truck, but I'm willing to go for it.'
  11. 'She was originally signed strictly as a vocalist but she was not crazy about singing someone else's songs and insisted on having input in the writing process.'
(of an angle) appearing absurdly out of place or unlikely.
  1. 'Sweeping shots and crazy angles seem to add to the tense, built-up vibe the movie is trying to get across.'
  2. 'Crows flap across the screen like escapees from an Edgar Allan Poe story, and the local country folk are filmed at crazy angles so they all look like a potential threat.'
  3. 'The legs were gnarled and twisted, the left one bent at a crazy angle making the beast tip to one side slightly.'
  4. 'She bounced it hard off the floor, and it careened off on a crazy angle.'
  5. 'He attempted the almost impossible, trying to squeeze the ball in from a crazy angle when really the pass to an attacking colleague was the only option.'
  6. 'The only traces of the towers are a series of steel girders torn into crazy angles and already turning a rusty brown from the moisture coming off the nearby river.'
  7. 'That night, as I closed my eyes to try to sleep, all I could see was the bow of the central hull, pointing at a crazy angle going full-throttle down a wave and accelerating into a wall of water.'
  8. 'A smaller apartment block lay at a crazy angle, the higher floors collapsed in on lower ones, which had been pulverised.'
  9. 'He considered this, but he stifled his reply when he caught sight of a seemingly ordinary pile of rock that rose at a crazy angle out of the ground.'
  10. 'He leapt again - at the window this time, barely making it shudder as the chair bounced off it at a crazy angle, ballooned out of his hands and almost struck Owen in the head as it glided across the corridor.'


  1. 'The menu isn't crazy big and I'm assuming the business is on the new side.'
  2. 'Even if he did fight chumps his whole career the knockout ratio is crazy high.'
  3. 'The company make some nice TVs and they aren't crazy expensive like some brands.'
  4. 'Beachgoers shuffle back and forth from the bar, and it's crazy crowded.'
  5. 'You get free updates, and downloads are crazy fast always!'
  6. 'This storm isn't crazy strong, but its ability to stir up the ocean and the major metropolitan areas it's hitting have everyone preparing for the worst.'


A mad person.
  1. 'Was she the daughter of weirdos and crazies like the ones her father had claimed just now?'
  2. 'It's framing us as the regular people and them as the crazies for a change - something that 60% of the American people seem to agree is at least a possibility.'
  3. 'True, most of the people there were kooks, crazies.'
  4. 'Eventually, his campaign to clean the streets of undesirables made its way from drunks, crazies, and crack-whores to booksellers as well.'
  5. 'As an expatriate from the Great Lakes State (and someone born in mid-winter, which I like to think has something to do with it), I am one of those crazies who actually enjoy snowy winters.'
  6. 'Fame has brought some unwanted attention: the crazies on the Internet now assail the site from time to time, sometimes with organized campaigns.'
  7. 'And while that might work for certain other crazies running for Congress in ‘safe’ districts, it doesn't bode well for someone running for statewide office.'


1. mentally deranged; demented; insane.

2. senseless; impractical; totally unsound: a crazy scheme.

3. Informal. intensely enthusiastic; passionately excited: crazy about baseball.

4. Informal. very enamored or infatuated (usually followed by about): He was crazy about her.

5. Informal. intensely anxious or eager; impatient: I'm crazy to try those new skis.

6. Informal. unusual; bizarre; singular: She always wears a crazy hat.

7. Slang. wonderf

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"people can be crazy about people."

"people can be crazy for alls."

"people can be crazy about places."

"markets can be crazy at moments."

"people can be crazy for people."

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Late 16th century (in sense ‘full of cracks’): from craze + -y.


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