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Eccentric or strange.
  1. 'We didn't want our town to get a reputation for being cranky.'
  2. 'Biodynamic theory and practice may sound cranky, but you can't ignore the growing numbers of bluechip wine estates joining the ranks, especially in France.'
  3. 'We're not this weird, cranky, fanged minority that is secretly drinking blood in the name of its depraved godlessness!'
  4. 'It seems one crazy, cranky dollmaker has found the technology to shrink people down to the size of mere dolls.'
  5. 'Its images and quirky, cranky design return to the mind's eye long after the final credits.'
  6. 'The fact he could be won round to this cranky idea demonstrates that he shouldn't be trusted in charge of a whelk stall, let alone the national economy.'
  7. 'Complementary therapies are not cranky, are not pseudo - medicine, and are well-accepted and thriving, even in small towns such as Forres.'
Bad-tempered; irritable.
  1. 'Eventually the train did come although it was three hours late and filled with cranky people who just wanted to go home.'
  2. 'Just remind them the family will be less cranky and short tempered if they can overcome jet lag first.'
  3. 'The relentless sweltering had gotten to all of us, kids and adults alike; we were short tempered and cranky and prone to starting fights over nothing.'
  4. 'The expanse of the day unfolds before me and I can't comprehend how I am going to distract my cranky baby for the next 12 hours.'
  5. 'Now is the time of the season that people start to get cranky (even the chess players are looking a little irritable).'
  6. 'She has a voluble and attractive personality, but even if she were cranky and bad-tempered I'd still go there because the food's really good.'
  7. 'This lack of rest has caused a radical shift in my personality, making me cranky, irritable, and prone to curse loudly at the slightest provocation.'
  8. 'Most of the time, she was cranky and grumpy, experiencing this nonstop craving and hunger for ice cream.'
  9. 'I'm also depressed, cranky, annoying, and irritable.'
  10. 'It gives me the right to explain that my periodic short tempered, cranky moments are a biproduct of the disease.'
(of a machine) working erratically.
  1. 'He would have had to spend many hours with expensive and cranky machinery in order to make phonetic measurements to correlate with listener judgments.'
  2. 'The engine, cranky, rusty, out-of-practice, whirred to life. The entire vehicle began to shake, violently at first, then settling.'

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1. ill-tempered; grouchy; cross: I'm always cranky when I don't get enough sleep.

2. eccentric; queer.

3. shaky; unsteady; out of order.

4. full of bends or windings; crooked.

5. British Dialect. sickly; in unsound or feeble condition; infirm.

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"systems can be cranky from starts."

"people can be cranky in/at/on days."

"people can be cranky as things."

"people can be cranky as goats."

"people can be cranky as chargings."

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(cranky)Late 18th century (in the sense ‘sickly, in poor health’): perhaps from obsolete (counterfeit) crank ‘a rogue feigning sickness’, from Dutch or German krank ‘sick’.