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Giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.
  1. 'You can spend the night in warm, cosy log cabins watching the northern lights dance across the sky.'
  2. 'Thick quilts provide the inspiration for jackets and coats, conveying cozy warmth plus convincing lightness.'
  3. 'A pint of stout, comforted by a cosy interior, is a temptation indeed for the thirsty tourist.'
  4. 'Everything about him felt soft and warm and cozy and comfortable and, more than anything, safe.'
  5. 'The August air seems warm and cozy around me, surrounding me in a deep haze.'
  6. 'Despite the risk of ruin and long days, life in the sugarhouse is a joy amidst the sweet steam rising through the roof vent and the cozy warmth of the fire.'
  7. 'After dinner, you can adjourn to a cozy room with comfortable sofas and modern fittings for a nightcap.'
  8. 'The soft lens allows flexibility, moulding the goggles to the face for a comfortable cosy fit while the air system feature enables air to pleasantly circulate around the eyes.'
  9. 'How brilliant to have a cozy home to provide comfort for my family, my friends and myself!'
  10. 'Afterward, they gather around the fireplace to drink beer, tell stories, and woozily stroll back to their cabins to sink into cozy loft beds.'
  11. 'a very cosy little chat'
  12. 'What do you make of the state of the cozy relationship?'
  13. 'Not surprisingly, it has become a popular eat-out for the corporates, families and for the cosy twosomes.'
  14. '‘I saw that you and he got a little cozy in the lobby,’ Chris teased as he sat on her bed.'
  15. 'It's a cosy relationship of mutual dependence that is replicated throughout the whole of the human services.'
  16. 'The colonialists and the communalists had a cozy relationship at a deeper level.'
  17. 'But there is a cosy complacency that Scotland doesn't suffer from it, when that is simply not true.'
  18. 'Blogging is said to have changed modern journalism by challenging the cosy media monopoly with its grass-roots approach to issues.'
  19. 'For make no mistake, they are challenging not just our cosy ideas of what it means to be Scottish and support football, they are threatening the very world order of soccer itself.'
  20. 'Marriage followed alongside a comfortable life on the cosy road to middle-class success.'
  21. 'But like many others, I have always been uneasy with that cosy assumption: it lets everyone off their own personal hook.'
  22. 'If so - and it's hard to think of any other reason - the relationship between the Court of Appeals and the company seems just a little too cosy for comfort.'
  23. 'Judges hardly interfered with decisions of the executive, and the judiciary and the government had a cozy relationship.'
  24. 'And as it all unravelled, cosy deals, lax auditing, wheels within wheels, and slippery accounting was exposed.'
  25. 'If this sounds like a pretty cozy arrangement, it is.'
  26. 'But it illustrates yet again the uncomfortably cosy relationship between those in power and those charged with policing them in the nicest possible way.'
  27. 'If not, how does one explain the cozy relationship between a major news organization and the campaign team?'
  28. 'What we do not want is more delaying tactics, promises of announcements further down the track, cosy meetings and backroom deals.'
  29. 'This was a cosy arrangement, but it is no longer viable.'
  30. 'The participants also felt that where the press had a cosy relationship with politicians, it was bound to have negative consequences.'
  31. 'He was cozy enough with management that he was allowed to attend board meetings.'


A soft covering to keep a teapot, boiled egg, etc. hot.
  1. 'mug cosies are simple to make'
  2. 'After a quarter of an hour, hot buttered toast on a covered hot water plate, with the Staffordshire cottage tea pot in its floral cosy, arrived.'
  3. 'The mug is wrapped in a delightful knitted cosy that will keep your drink and hands warm in chilly weather.'
  4. 'While your tea steeps, keep it hot with a teapot cosy.'
  5. 'She had just put the cosy on the steaming pot of tea when the front door opened violently and crashed against the wall.'
  6. 'This knitting pattern shows you how to make an adorable cozy for your hard-boiled egg.'
  7. 'crocheted tissue box cosies'
  8. 'Chan has got her own store where you can purchase crocheted corn-dog pen cozies and even crocheted bread-and-butter scarves!'
  9. 'Often dozens of balls of wool are used to make sleeves or cosies for everyday objects including cars and trees.'
  10. 'She knows this problem well and has even created lighter cozies to prevent her lighters from vanishing.'
  11. 'They take their art to the streets, stitching cosies from everything to bike racks to entire buses.'
  12. 'This lovely, quirky toilet roll cosy has been hand crocheted using high quality pure wools.'
  13. 'Get the kind of drink cozies that you put in the freezer.'
  14. 'This neoprene insulated sleeve slides over the bottle just like a regular beer can cozy, but it also features a built-in handle and comes in two fly patterns.'
  15. 'Does extra insulation (like a beer cozy) improve the plain metal bottle, or the insulated cup?'
  16. 'The studios have designed these humorous and manly cozies that give your can of beer a beard.'
A canopied corner seat for two.


    Make (someone) feel comfortable or complacent.
    1. 'It made sense to see that they'd cozied themselves within a personal urban pine forest to watch paired kids parade past in colorful and spooky garb.'
    2. 'But it won't be enough: The Horned Frogs will be cozied up at home by the time January 3 rolls around.'
    3. 'Conservative nutritionists caution that more long-term research is needed before they'll cozy up to all these claims.'
    4. 'One blond girl is cozying up to her, and the other identical-looking one is trying to, but Reba is holding her away, squishing her face.'
    5. 'Clearly, she gets a lot of love, and she cozies up to you on impact.'
    6. 'With the moon cozying up to Venus in a special way this week, you could be thinking about making a big move too.'
    7. 'There's a pasta bar in the centre of it all, which you can cozy up to if you're by yourself.'
    8. 'he decided to resign rather than cosy up to hardliners in the party'
    9. 'He and his father have always shown a preference to cozying up to the establishment rather than actually helping people.'
    10. 'In fact, the more a politician cozies up to the United Nations, the less I like him.'
    11. 'Ironically, a cozying up to the current government may have led to the perceived malaise.'
    12. '‘It is a world in which refuse collectors cosy up to barristers, split along moral lines rather than social ones’.'
    13. 'Yet network managers don't seem to mind, and many politicians across the narrow liberal-to-conservative spectrum never seem to tire of cozying up to him on the air.'


    1. snugly warm and comfortable: a cozy little house.

    2. convenient or beneficial, usually as a result of dishonesty or connivance: a very cozy agreement between competing firms.

    3. suggesting opportunistic or conspiratorial intimacy: a cozy relationship between lobbyists and some politicians.

    4. discreetly reticent or noncommittal: The administrators are remaining cozy about which policy they plan to adopt. noun, plural cozies.

    5. a padded covering for

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    "relationships can be cozy."

    "ranges can be cozy."

    "ties can be cozy."

    "places can be cozy."

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    Early 18th century (originally Scots): of unknown origin.