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Polite, respectful, or considerate in manner.
  1. 'a courteous young man'
  2. 'But shop assistants insisted the star was polite and courteous throughout her visit.'
  3. 'I made the short walk to my booth number, and was greeted by two courteous and polite women.'
  4. 'Andrew was a very gentle, courteous man with huge respect for everyone he worked with.'
  5. 'Tom was a pleasant courteous gentleman who was well liked in the local farming community.'
  6. 'Your courteous manner generates a lot of goodwill and will also earn you respect.'
  7. 'They were respectful and courteous and asked my father's permission to speak to him alone.'
  8. 'But you can at least be polite, courteous and respect the fact that your views are very different to theirs.'
  9. 'Women never say thank you when you are courteous and polite, only if you comment on their appearance.'
  10. 'One should not be arrogant or insolent but rather be kind, considerate and courteous towards them.'
  11. 'Ernest was an old fashioned sort, well mannered and courteous, quietly spoken, and above all a gentleman.'


1. having or showing good manners; polite.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be courteous to people."

"revenues can be courteous at times."

"people can be courteous towards people."

"people can be courteous to tees."

"people can be courteous to members."

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Middle English (meaning ‘having manners fit for a royal court’): from Old French corteis, based on Latin cohors ‘yard, retinue’ (see court). The change in the ending in the 16th century was due to association with words ending in -eous.