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Not deterred by danger or pain; brave.
  1. 'I strongly suspect he is not deluded, but he is definitely a brave, or at least a courageous, man.'
  2. 'He deserves everything, he was very brave and courageous and I know he would do it all again if he had to.'
  3. 'So every time one sees a bold and courageous man or woman you can be sure that the child in that person is still alive.'
  4. 'I hope to be half as courageous and full of faith as he was when faced with the end.'
  5. 'She felt free and brave and courageous, and she never wanted to stop flying through the air.'
  6. 'I thought it was a classic piece of decisive and courageous goalkeeping.'
  7. 'It's therefore a mystery how brave, courageous St George ever got to be the patron saint of England.'
  8. 'It was certainly the one truly courageous and right act of his premiership, which enters its eighth year in a few months.'
  9. 'He suffered so much, and he was so brave, so courageous to fight it as long as he did.'
  10. 'A mother and her two young sons were pulled from their blazing home by a courageous next-door neighbour.'


1. possessing or characterized by courage; brave: a courageous speech against the dictator.

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"people can be courageous in faces."

"yeses can be courageous of people."

"people can be courageous in/at/on sames."

"people can be courageous with natures."

"people can be courageous with dignities."

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Middle English: from Old French corageus, from corage (see courage).