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Feeling or expressing happiness or satisfaction.
  1. 'she gave a contented little smile'
  2. 'There's something about him… he's always so contented and carefree.'
  3. 'she finished, giving a sheepish grin at her sister, who responded with a contented smile.'
  4. 'Nailed in the walls were portraits of her four elder brothers, and their happy contented smiles.'
  5. 'And there was a very happy and contented smile on both of them.'
  6. 'The break has seemed to have been of great benefit to all the players and Barnes wore the smile of a contented man after the game.'
  7. 'They wish her many more contented years in health and happiness and pay tribute to a noble lady who possesses sterling qualities.'
  8. 'Slinking back into his chair, Moby takes another deep breath and allows himself a small and somewhat contented smile.'
  9. 'With her bright eyes and contented expression it's hard to believe that Milly the fox had a brush with death.'
  10. 'A cheerful and contented audience hit the streets at twenty to eleven, heading for car parks, bus stops and the railway station.'
  11. 'Macy watched him with a contented grin on her face, as he closed the door.'
  12. 'He had always looked so confident and contented with everything.'
  13. 'When he was finally contented with what he saw, the shrill cry of his whistle swelled throughout the football field.'
  14. 'That's how you know you're totally contented with another person, when you don't need to fill the void with unnecessary babble.'
  15. 'She admits that it has been a hard road but now, at 54, she has never been more contented with her life and work.'
  16. '‘Now this is the life,’ she mumbled contented with the flowing music.'
  17. 'She changed into her pajamas, brushed her teeth, and climbed into her bed, contented with her newfound friendship but saddened by the potential loss of another.'
  18. 'Some people seem to be settled and contented with their lives and I'd really love to be one of them, to be sure that where I am and what I am doing is the right place for me.'
  19. 'People, as you stated in your article, are rather contented with what they get, so maybe they deserve what they get.'
  20. 'They look diligent yet contented with their lifestyle.'
  21. 'Creative eccentrics will spend hours happily contented with their various projects and hobbies.'


1. satisfied; content.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be contented with ways."

"people can be contented with lots."

"people can be contented in stations."

"people can be contented."

"silences can be contented."

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