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Look thoughtfully for a long time at.
  1. 'Evan let his left hand slide away from the computer terminal as he spoke, thoughtfully contemplating the carpeted floor for a moment.'
  2. 'This week's gap in their Championship programme allows Yorkshire to contemplate the batting and bowling averages - and they won't be happy with what they discover.'
  3. 'Mr. Olivera paused for a moment - almost as though contemplating the situation, her voice ringing through his ears.'
  4. 'When you contemplate my image, in a week or a month, I'll try to feel your presence from afar.'
  5. 'In the previous episode during the first dance Claire captures Nate's image as he contemplates a seagull picking at the wedding cake.'
  6. 'As an interesting tangent to that she's been contemplating the potent image of the disembodied of the disembodied brain throughout history and in popular culture.'
  7. 'Visitors are greeted by an image of Hamlet contemplating a mouse.'
  8. 'Tapan contemplated the cracked image of his own face in that mirror for a long time.'
  9. 'It has been sobering, though, contemplating the terrible unstoppability of water.'
  10. 'To what extent does film's latest technology give us pause as we contemplate film's images of the technological?'
  11. 'she couldn't even begin to contemplate the future'
  12. 'And, during the dwindling seconds of her last game, she started to contemplate her future.'
  13. 'In its place is a man contemplating a future outwith his control.'
  14. 'I admit I have become increasingly frustrated by the low number of hits on my site, so I took a few days off to feel sorry for myself and contemplate my blogging future.'
  15. 'He began contemplating a political race before his 16-year-old son died in a 1996 car crash.'
  16. 'I boarded a plane for 20 hours of flying - lots of time to reflect on the past and contemplate the future.'
  17. 'I had begun to contemplate the possibility of a life entirely without her.'
  18. 'She has also resigned from that candidacy to contemplate her future options.'
  19. 'As I contemplated my future as a father, I saw my past in a new light.'
  20. 'I spent some time yesterday contemplating my future work career.'
  21. 'No wonder she is contemplating a future role in politics.'
  22. 'As Boone sits on the beach contemplating what could have been, he turns to look at Jack with a resentment that goes unnoticed.'
  23. 'She sat there contemplating awhile before she excused herself.'
  24. 'They need time to quietly review, contemplate, journal, mull over, and reflect about their attitudes and actions.'
  25. 'Found a nice spot on the cement embankment, away from the spray, and sat down to contemplate on life.'
  26. 'Loneliness simply isn't an excuse for what Jones had been contemplating for some considerable time.'
  27. 'The books, then, organize a continuing meditation on connections that is more important to contemplate and consider than to solve as if it were a puzzle.'
  28. 'It's a real gem and a great place to sit and contemplate, with cliffs rising behind.'
  29. 'We want it to be used by the community and for people to sit in the quiet and contemplate as much as possible and this money will help us do that.'
  30. 'The explanation is still worrying to contemplate.'
  31. 'I sit there for a while chewing and contemplating, which I think can be considered multitasking.'
  32. 'he was contemplating action for damages'
  33. 'That could create uncertainty for non-residents who may be contemplating venture capital investment in New Zealand.'
  34. 'But when we actually contemplated some evil intention directed towards us, it seemed a little chillier.'
  35. 'How many will be able to start a family, or buy a house or go back to university for further study when they contemplate the implications?'
  36. 'The book forced me to contemplate my own intentions in participating in a graduate education program that has a partnership with a predominantly Black school.'
  37. 'For distraction I forced myself to contemplate my next entrepreneurial venture.'
  38. 'It's a short trip from the stadium where France's campaign ended, but a long journey on which to contemplate the seismic damage done to the reputation of French football and footballers.'
  39. 'He looked at each of the closest planets and their moons, contemplating each one's probability to hold an alien base.'
  40. 'I think it's all about what people are open to at this point in their journey… I find that when you contemplate this area of life more, it comes to you more and more.'
  41. 'A similar project was being contemplated in the Riverstown area but that was in the early stages at the moment.'
  42. 'It does not contemplate damage of the present type.'

More definitions

1. to look at or view with continued attention; observe or study thoughtfully: to contemplate the stars.

2. to consider thoroughly; think fully or deeply about: to contemplate a difficult problem.

3. to have as a purpose; intend.

4. to have in view as a future event: to contemplate buying a new car. verb (used without object), contemplated, contemplating.

5. to think studiously; meditate; consider deliberately.

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be contemplate."

"people can be contemplate."


Late 16th century: from Latin contemplat- ‘surveyed, observed, contemplated’, from the verb contemplari, based on templum ‘place for observation’.