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Pack into or transport by container.
  1. 'Its main service is containerised cargo handling based on long-term contracts to operate terminals in ports.'
  2. 'To attract flows of containerized cargoes, port authorities have to provide a minimum set of infrastructure attributes.'
  3. 'It is entirely containerized and was the last freight forwarder to utilize box cars.'
  4. 'The last bare root seedlings were lifted in 2000 and the nursery now grows only containerized seedlings in greenhouses.'
  5. 'Other risky consignments that are containerised are referred to inland ports for destination inspections while they offload at the importer's premises.'
  6. 'So, once everything is neatly containerized it must be placed into the backpack in the right order.'
  7. 'Another 3,500 tractor-trailer trips occur daily as containerized freight is moved between the yards.'
  8. 'The ships can be computer linked to logistics files at military stock points, and can transport roll-on/roll-off and containerised cargo for unit deployment and relocation, tactical resupply and sustained resupply.'
  9. 'They're containerized and preconfigured for easy movement by land, air and sea.'
  10. 'Don't forget containerised specimens should be fed too, but use slow-release pellets for these.'

More definitions

1. to package (freight) in uniform, sealed containers for shipment.

2. to perform (a materials-handling operation) with the help of containerization.

3. to make suitable for a containerization system. verb (used without object), containerized, containerizing.

4. to adopt containerization.

More examples(as adjective)

"shippings can be containerized."

"shipments can be containerized."

"movements can be containerized."

"loadings can be containerized."

"goodses can be containerized."

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