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  1. 'Yet the effects, even in a few American states, will be neither containable nor revocable.'
  2. 'Thus what was containable in 357 B.C. had grown into something that by 338 was not.'
  3. 'So the overshoot seems hardly massive, and indeed eminently containable.'
  4. 'I am complicit, in the sense that I am trying to point out that everything is not containable, and everything is interconnected, and myths are being accepted as truth.'
  5. 'Its quite likely the financial costs would have been more containable and the company would not have lost touch with how public unease was slowly growing about its actions.'
  6. 'His restless ambition has never quite been containable within one government department, even the Treasury.'
  7. 'Horrible and shocking as the shootings on the first day were, there was still the possibility that they would be containable.'
  8. 'Moreover, rising wealth began to encourage a new view of poverty: instead of being seen as omnipresent and insoluble, poverty began to be understood as a measurable, containable, and consequently soluble problem.'
  9. 'The problem is that while the media likes maverick talents, it prefers them to be containable forces.'
  10. 'These letters highlight two of the main positions adopted by both the individual and the government early on in the conflict: this was a war that was containable, winnable and could be resolved with some expediency.'


1. to hold or include within its volume or area: This glass contains water. This paddock contains our best horses.

2. to be capable of holding; have capacity for: The room will contain 75 persons safely.

3. to have as contents or constituent parts; comprise; include.

4. to keep under proper control; restrain: He could not contain his amusement.

5. to prevent or limit the expansion, influence, success, or advance of (a hostile nation, competitor, opposing for

More examples(as adjective)

"victories can be containable."

"situations can be containable."

"levels can be containable."

"increases can be containable."