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The state of physical touching.
  1. 'It is highly contagious and is spread by close physical contact, especially in overcrowded living conditions.'
  2. 'One thing we've discovered is that children in contact with other children are a huge vector for the flu and colds.'
  3. 'It is spread by coming in contact with the blood of an infected person.'
  4. 'I found that my left hand was resting on my own forehead, not quite in contact with it but touching the ends of the fine, raised little hairs standing up on my skin.'
  5. 'I have seen the actors' sensations become transformed when they come in contact with moviemaking technique.'
  6. 'Patients will only be treated differently if they have been to an affected area, or in contact with someone who has, and are displaying symptoms.'
  7. 'One of the preventative measures is that surfaces likely to in contact with hands should be sterilised with disinfectant.'
  8. 'They had been separately ignited or in contact with something which was already alight but had not spread from one site to another.'
  9. 'Where water from fire hoses or water main leaks had come in contact with this substance, it created small pools that resembled slush.'
  10. 'The longer bird flu is in contact with humans, the greater the chance it will acquire the ability to spread among them.'
  11. 'contact dermatitis'
  12. 'Turns out the kid has a contact dermatitis from where his thighs are rubbing together.'
  13. 'This test is usually performed to identify substances that cause contact dermatitis.'
  14. 'Allergic contact dermatitis improves with removal of the sensitizing agent.'
  15. 'Lay your bookmark upside down very carefully on one edge of the contact paper so you can fold over the rest of it on the back of the bookmark.'
  16. 'This second exposure to red dye triggered an allergic contact dermatitis.'
  17. 'Contractors will use a biodegradable contact herbicide, which is environmentally friendly and leaves no harmful residues.'
  18. 'However, the contact hypothesis has not been reliably demonstrated.'
  19. 'It measures the probability of exchange of cosolvent molecule for a solvent model at the contact surface.'
  20. 'They are also the main mediators of the immunopathological mechanisms in contact dermatitis.'
  21. 'Allergic contact dermatitis is the result of sensitization to an allergen.'
  22. 'It also has a metal contact, or guard, that can be moved up and down the antenna.'
  23. 'Readers reminded us that gold, which does not tarnish or corrode, is used in contacts and connectors in telephones, computers, and other electronic products.'
  24. 'Grounding contacts are disposed adjacent the ball contacts, where the grounding contacts are electrically connected to the ground plane.'
  25. 'An electrical connector includes a body and two or more electrical contacts.'
  26. 'The bulb has a base, with two metal contacts, and in turn these connect to an electrical circuit.'
  27. 'Method for making metal contacts and interconnections concurrently on semiconductor integrated circuits.'
  28. 'One advantage of the inductive system is that there are no exposed electrical contacts.'
  29. 'Situated on both the male and female housing are electrical contacts which themselves engage when the housings are joined.'
  30. 'Semiconductor devices and methods to form a contact of a semiconductor device are disclosed.'
  31. 'Small gaps in the electrical contacts along the conveyor serve as traps that can hold single bacterial cells while their electrical properties are measured.'
  32. 'she didn't have her contacts in'
  33. 'And most people, who depend upon eyeglasses or contacts to see, live with the frustration of stumbling around the rest of their life anytime they're without them.'
The action of communicating or meeting.
  1. 'Det Insp Chris Binns said Donna had lost contact with her family and fallen in with the ‘wrong crowd’.'
  2. 'You physically live in one country but you are in contact with much of the world via the global computer network.'
  3. 'She had few clues to his background as his island family had lost contact with him shortly after he emigrated to America.'
  4. 'She has lost contact with her family and receives no other visitors.'
  5. 'He had lost contact with his family and deteriorated into alcoholism.'
  6. 'Everyone I came into contact with wanted to help, to show us around.'
  7. 'His duties included sorting the post and photocopying documents and he rarely came into contact with members of the public.'
  8. 'Eileen will be able to put you in contact with your local Red Cross Chapter.'
  9. 'Greek air force jets were scrambled when the plane lost contact with air traffic control Sunday morning.'
  10. 'A lot of the people I met at university I wish I were still in contact with, or in more frequent contact with.'
  11. 'they have forged contacts with key people in business'
  12. 'They want ministers and civil servants to give annual reports about all meetings or significant contacts with lobbyists, their clients or other special-interest groups.'
  13. 'She wanted to remain in contact with him but Council officers denied her any contact, says Mrs Thomas's report.'
  14. 'Even the US, which has no embassy there, is beginning to forge contacts.'
  15. 'Examples may range from class newsletters, student notebooks, teacher/parent notes of meetings and phone contacts, and home visit reports.'
  16. 'No contact or communication whatsoever with the people, except by mail.'
  17. 'I mean, he has so many contacts, so many relationships.'
  18. 'Other new initiatives include a website promoting specials and offering details of support organisations, useful contacts and recruitment information.'
  19. 'Include emergency contacts, insurance information, medication list and changes in health conditions.'
  20. 'There was still a small British community there and almost all our key contacts on the delicate issue of hostages were to be found there.'
  21. 'They are selected on the basis of their positive reputations and extensive social contacts in their communities.'
  22. 'We are circulating information to all our districts, and are shortlisting all the suspect's relatives, accomplices and contacts.'
  23. 'He didn't know that we were KGB and that we were spies, he thought he was just meeting with contacts from the embassy to promote peace and understanding and socialist brotherhood.'
  24. 'Do establish relationships with key contacts in an effort to better understand their wants and needs.'
  25. 'For many small businesses this could potentially mean the loss of their customer contacts or latest stock information and accounts.'
  26. 'But central London should be avoided for meeting secret contacts because of the heavy police presence.'
  27. 'all efforts are made to persuade possible contacts of patients with either disease to attend for investigation'
  28. 'Again, retrospective epidemiological investigation showed that this patient had infected several contacts.'
  29. 'Children who are close household contacts of sputum smear-positive pulmonary TB patients should be screened for TB.'
  30. 'Identification of contacts of patients with infectious TB and treatment of those at risk with an effective drug regimen.'
  31. 'A high prevalence of TB disease and LTBI has been documented among close contacts of persons with infectious pulmonary TB.'
  32. 'These physicians enrolled 946 index patients and their household contacts in a three-month period.'
  33. 'To be eligible to participate, the general practitioners had to have a computerised medical record system for registration of all patient contacts.'
  34. 'A standard protocol was developed to retest and retreat all patients and contacts who had been treated with Bicillin C-R for syphilis.'
  35. 'Therefore, the TST is likely to be a good indicator of latent infection in recently exposed contacts.'
  36. 'For control measures to succeed, early detection and treatment of patients and contacts is very essential.'
  37. 'We reasoned that spouses and other household contacts were likely to be closer to the patient than nonhousehold contacts.'


Communicate with (someone), typically in order to give or receive information.
  1. 'We are obviously keen to find out what happened so I would urge anyone with information to contact us.'
  2. 'For further information please contact any committee member or look in local press.'
  3. 'We ask anyone with further information to contact us.'
  4. 'He had also appealed for any other parties who believed they had relevant information to contact the inquiry team.'
  5. 'The Dallas police tried to contact Alice as a witness, but Alice was dead.'
  6. 'For more information you can contact any committee member or the phone numbers below.'
  7. 'If we can be of further assistance for information, please contact us.'
  8. 'The consequences of this attack could have been much worse and I would appeal to anyone who has any information to contact us immediately.'
  9. 'The closing date for payment of the same is March 31st and for further information contact any member of the executive.'
  10. 'Your name, address, and telephone number are optional, but we can't contact you without that information.'
  1. 'I brought the aircraft to a stop, but not until after the wingtip and the prop contacted the ground.'
  2. 'Force your toe to contact the floor just as it is passing your right foot.'
  3. 'Whenever possible, if you can touch and maintain that contact then go for it.'

More definitions

1. the act or state of touching; a touching or meeting, as of two things or people.

2. immediate proximity or association.

3. an acquaintance, colleague, or relative through whom a person can gain access to information, favors, influential people, and the like.

4. Electricity. a junction of electric conductors, usually metal, that controls current flow, often completing or interrupting a circuit.

5. Geology. the interface, generally a planar surface, between strata that differ in litho

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"kidnappers can be contacted."

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(contact)Early 17th century: from Latin contactus, from contact- ‘touched, grasped, bordered on’, from the verb contingere, from con- ‘together with’ + tangere ‘to touch’.