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(of a feeling) completely filling one's mind and attention; absorbing.
  1. 'In those days, the hate was all consuming, he recalls.'
  2. 'As a child, little secrets can seem like all consuming mountains.'
  3. 'In my former life grace was a mystery limited to regeneration, now it's simply amazing and all consuming.'
  4. 'This continued study of Los Lunas is open ended, and can be a consuming addiction resulting in more questions than answers.'
  5. 'As such, the film is a cross cultural comparison of consuming intimacy and living intimacy.'
  6. 'They need to assure themselves of a stable existence, and their drive for material security can become all consuming.'
  7. 'Sylvia told me that her previous feelings for Tom were so consuming that she lost herself to them.'


1. strongly and urgently felt: a consuming need to be successful.

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"countries can be consuming."

"nations can be consuming."

"interests can be consuming."

"regions can be consuming."

"markets can be consuming."

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