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A person who purchases goods and services for personal use.
  1. as modifier 'consumer demand'
  2. 'Last year it undertook a detailed study of the demands of the ethical consumer.'
  3. 'Third, almost all consumers purchase coffee on the basis of price, not on the basis of how it is produced.'
  4. 'It is, of course, too early for changes in house prices to affect consumers ' daily purchases.'
  5. 'If the results of such trials are favourable, consumers are likely to demand this procedure.'
  6. 'Which is an achievement in itself in this age of appalling service given to British consumers.'
  7. 'The job of businessmen is to stay on guard as far as consumers ' demands are concerned.'
  8. 'This dedicated troupe have done the consumer a huge service by hiking up standards.'
  9. 'The consumer culture demands that when we are sick we have medicines to make us well.'
  10. 'Trade in wildlife is driven by consumer demand, so when the buying stops, the killing will too.'
  11. 'First of all, consumers will demand less of the imported goods as they now have to pay a higher price.'
  12. 'Will they see us as greedy consumers, selfishly gobbling up the world's resources.'

More definitions

1. a person or thing that consumes.

2. Economics. a person or organization that uses a commodity or service.

3. Ecology. an organism, usually an animal, that feeds on plants or other animals.

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"products can be consumer."

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"goodses can be consumer."

"expectations can be consumer."

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