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Eat, drink, or ingest (food or drink)
  1. 'And after consuming their beer and food, they'd have had even less to carry out anyway, so there's just no excuse.'
  2. 'After putting various sauces and other things on them, they returned to their table and began to consume the food and drink they'd just ordered.'
  3. 'Herakles alone is positioned to consume food and drink.'
  4. 'If sugary food or drinks are consumed too often, the saliva doesn't get long enough to fully remineralise the teeth.'
  5. 'It's caused by consuming food and drink with high acidity levels.'
  6. 'At school Sarah consumed mainly processed food and fizzy drinks, but consumed vegetables with her evening meal most days.'
  7. 'The teeth of children who consume acidic foods or drinks, become sensitive to hot and cold food and drink.'
  8. 'For one month he would only consume food and drink available from McDonald's and he had to finish every meal.'
  9. 'During the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan, no food or drink is consumed from sunrise to sunset.'
  10. 'Coffee is widely consumed; alcoholic drinks are forbidden to Muslims.'
  11. 'the fire spread rapidly, consuming many homes'
  12. 'Some plutonium was about to be consumed by fire.'
  13. 'New Orleans city officials say the threat of their flooded, ruined city being consumed by fires is worsening by the hour.'
  14. 'The parties apparently agree that the total rent earned by Kenneth on 1000 Dolson before it was consumed by fire was $9,500.'
  15. 'The house was tragically consumed by fire in 1974 leaving only the walls standing.'
  16. 'Unfortunately, the severity of the fire meant that as he set a path for Le Bourget he lost both port engines as the fire consumed the left hand side of the aircraft and all controls failed to respond.'
  17. 'In September 1879 Deadwood, like the phoenix, was consumed by fire.'
  18. 'The fire had consumed a historical lodge as well.'
  19. 'It would hunt down the one that had entombed it, that had left it for dead, thinking that it would be consumed by the fire.'
  20. 'Many national parks were completely levelled and consumed by the fires, including the Serra Da Estrela National Park, which was hit by fires only last year.'
  21. 'In forty days, Lynchburg will be consumed by fire.'
  22. 'Inevitably, where resources are consumed, waste is produced.'
  23. 'The first is Bullet Time, which gives him firm control over the situation but consumes the related resource pool, shown in an hourglass, at a high rate.'
  24. 'China and India are growing at enormous speeds and consuming huge amounts of every commodity.'
  25. 'As an additional benefit, military spending also consumes resources that might otherwise be used to woo our power-base of poverty stricken, powerless, despotically ruled zealots.'
  26. 'After they've consumed every natural resource, they move on.'
  27. 'It is also a bureaucratic mess, consuming untold resources which might otherwise have been devoted to fixing a real problem.'
  28. 'But this puts you back in the exact same trap: the second machine is consuming resources too.'
  29. 'That's right, I said it's more environmentally costly than giving every person on the train a car, because a train running empty consumes an enormous amount of energy.'
  30. 'American pacification efforts took on many forms and consumed enormous resources during the Vietnam War.'
  31. 'These people see Tasmania as one big park - and it salves their consciences to call for its protection while busily consuming the planet's resources in their daily lives.'
Buy (goods or services)
  1. 'But our privacy from the marketplace is always qualified, because as long as we consume goods and services, then to some extent our private pursuits occur within the marketplace.'
  2. 'I don't feel too concerned with where these people come from as they are creating their own jobs and in turn are feeding back into our economy by consuming goods.'
  3. 'Society cannot survive on the intangible ‘feelgoods’ of ideas and creativity - it needs to consume goods and services produced.'
  4. 'Worse, they might avoid theft by prematurely consuming goods that they would otherwise save, thereby depleting the social store of wealth over time.'
  5. 'Put another way, we work so that we may consume goods or services that help us survive or give us pleasure, not simply for the sake of working.'
  6. 'Satisfaction has been regarded as an overall evaluation of the experience of owning and/or consuming a product or service.'
  7. 'I am consuming goods, thereby adding to the economics of the country.'
  8. 'Millions of fisherman and those who consume their goods might justifiably ask ‘why?’.'
  9. 'Those same children will consume goods so producers can afford to make them and we can buy them too; the list of contributions to our way of life, whether or not they are our children, is an endless one.'
  10. 'I'm grateful to Jackie for reminding me of the United States law which prohibits US citizens from consuming Cuban goods anywhere.'
(of a feeling) completely fill the mind of (someone)
  1. 'It is time to stand up and be counted as model citizens before the terror consumes us all.''
  2. 'Fury consumed me and rage flowed through my veins like hot lava.'
  3. 'The anticipation consumed us as we waited for the official results.'
  4. 'The more alcohol he consumed, the more anger and jealousy consumed him.'
  5. 'Stop letting your hate consume you and go do something with your lives.'
  6. 'However, strange feelings often consumed me that made me wonder if she ever viewed me as something else.'
  7. 'Within her mind, her thoughts toss as fear consumes her with the mention of it.'
  8. 'So many negative emotions have consumed her over the years.'
  9. 'I want a job so much I feel the desire consuming me, sapping my energy.'
  10. 'A queasy feeling consumed me and I made a mad dash for the bathroom that I knew was located through the door with the picture of Orlando Bloom on it.'

More definitions

1. to destroy or expend by use; use up.

2. to eat or drink up; devour.

3. to destroy, as by decomposition or burning: Fire consumed the forest.

4. to spend (money, time, etc.) wastefully.

5. to absorb; engross: consumed with curiosity. verb (used without object), consumed, consuming.

6. to undergo destruction; waste away.

7. to use or use up consumer goods.

More examples(as adjective)

"presidents can be consumed by burdens."

"people can be consumed with resentments."

"amounts can be consumed."

"people can be consumed."

"unproductivelies can be consumed."

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(consume)Late Middle English: from Latin consumere, from con- ‘altogether’ + sumere ‘take up’; reinforced by French consumer.