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(of an item for sale) intended to be used up and then replaced.
  1. 'The supply chain is comprised of the vendors and suppliers that provide consumable materials and refurbishment services to the supply system and depot.'
  2. 'Zhou considered the difficulties faced by women PhDs when seeking boyfriends to be quite deep rooted and unlikely to disappear until society accepted women as more than consumable items for viewing and enjoying.'
  3. 'More than twenty years of instructional lessons in self-regulated writing strategies have been transformed into consumable materials ready for classroom use.'
  4. 'Mangold says Mackendrick taught him to think of his work not as a consumable item swallowed up by the box office and then forgotten, but as art that lasts.'
  5. 'The list of these consumable materials goes on and on.'
  6. 'Boo! entered the South African music scene in October 1997, with their mind-bendingly weird, though deliciously consumable sound.'
  7. 'The site showcases photography, design and desirable consumable items and just like the style magazine original, it's all done in the hippest possible taste.'
  8. 'So, yes, if you've ever wondered why printers themselves were so cheap, it's because the people that make them make insane profits when you go to stock up on the hardware's consumable bits.'
  9. 'The authorities should standardise the quality of all consumable goods supplied for distribution and certify them with ISI marking.'
  10. 'However, our readers require more and so I must try to do justice to this cornucopia of consumable marvels.'


A commodity that is intended to be used up relatively quickly.
  1. 'This included consumables, such as water bladders, chlorine, cleaning tools and hygiene education materials.'
  2. 'Even allowing for the cost of infrastructure, maintenance and consumables, the fees the managements have sought do not seem to be justified.'
  3. 'This is important because training a PhD student in medical research costs about $100,000 / year in consumables etc.'
  4. 'These filters are consumables - or regularly needed supplies.'
  5. 'Kodak really had to make the change since they are primarily in the business of selling consumables (in much the same way Canon doesn't sell printers so much as ink and paper).'
  6. 'Beyond adapting humans to low gravity environments the biggest need is to be able to produce consumables for longer term living.'
  7. 'I had just got to the point where I was beginning to worry that fixing things was going to cost me money when a chance remark by the guy I buy my computer consumables from gave me an idea.'
  8. 'But Krithika's parents prefer her purchasing branded consumables.'
  9. 'A duty-free entitlement would be given to them for import of capital goods, spares, office equipment and consumables.'
  10. 'The range is so extensive it includes everything from copy paper and computer consumables to wedding invitation paper and wedding accessories.'


1. able or meant to be consumed, as by eating, drinking, or using: consumable goods.

2. liable to be used up or depleted: comsumable resources. noun

3. Usually, consumables. something that is produced to be consumed, as processed food or fuel.

More examples(as adjective)

"supplies can be consumable."

"products can be consumable."

"goodses can be consumable."

"items can be consumable."

"parts can be consumable."

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