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The action or process of formally consulting or discussing.
  1. count noun 'consultations between all sections of the party'
  2. 'The Kennel Club says the docking of dogs' tails is a choice for the owner, in consultation with a vet.'
  3. 'The process of consultation must be effective; looked at as a whole, it must be fair.'
  4. 'The fact is that this strike could have been avoided had there been proper consultation all round.'
  5. 'The constitution adopted was the product of wide consultation and discussion.'
  6. 'The process of consultation with local partners has been ongoing since the kidnaps.'
  7. 'Possible changes were first revealed a year ago and have been out for discussion and consultation.'
  8. 'The matter has been examined in consultation with the Ministry of External Affairs.'
  9. 'The amendment was preceded by a process of consultation with local authorities.'
  10. 'How is it that the task of ensuring that proper consultation takes place is so difficult?'
  11. 'These acts may be done in consultation with the rest of the group, but not necessarily as a group.'
  12. 'This all made for a good, lighthearted appointment which is the way I like my medical consultations.'
  13. 'The consultant might travel around several clinics and carry out joint consultations with the doctor or nurse and patient.'
  14. 'If you are not covered by a medical card your doctor may charge a consultation fee.'
  15. 'Experts will be on hand to offer styling advice and consultations as well wine and nibbles.'
  16. 'A series of public round-table meetings and other consultations with stakeholders were then held.'
  17. 'Use of computers during general practice consultations improves the quality of care in some cases.'
  18. 'Hospital readmissions and general practice consultations often occur soon after the diagnosis of heart failure.'
  19. 'It took many years, numerous meeting and consultations with professionals.'
  20. 'One possibility is that the stakes are higher for the patient in a consultation with a doctor.'
  21. 'Shortage of time in general practice consultations is widely acknowledged to constrain the quality of care of patients.'

More definitions

1. the act of consulting; conference.

2. a meeting for deliberation, discussion, or decision.

3. a meeting of physicians to evaluate a patient's case and treatment.

4. English Law. a writ returning a case to an ecclesiastical court from a temporal one.

5. Australian. lottery.

More examples(as adjective)

"procedures can be consultation."

"meetings can be consultation."


Late Middle English: from Latin consultatio(n-), from the verb consultare (see consult).