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A person who provides expert advice professionally.
  1. 'The consultants provide advice on how to energise the crystals and place the objects.'
  2. 'The campaign was launched with the help of advertising consultants Jupiter Advertising.'
  3. 'They say political consultants know this, and use negative campaigning for this very purpose.'
  4. 'So, against the advice of the consultant, we decided against the induction.'
  5. 'Wind farm experts and consultants West Coast Energy will be on hand to answer questions on the scheme.'
  6. 'The city was chosen against the advice of consultants, who ruled it out on cost grounds.'
  7. 'The consultant did the search and provided a list of candidates for the position.'
  8. 'The author is a program consultant and host at China Central Television in Beijing.'
  9. 'The highest levels found by the local authority consultants have not been replicated by others.'
  10. 'She is now a self-employed consultant advising on the workings of the Scottish parliament.'
A hospital doctor of senior rank within a specific field.
  1. 'Dr Kapasi welcomes publication of league tables of hospital and consultant performance.'
  2. 'As consultant surgeon in Gateshead he pioneered early work on hepatic blood flow.'
  3. 'It's Dr Jack Jackson's last week as senior consultant at a rural district general hospital.'
  4. 'Alex visits a consultant paediatrician at Stepping Hill Hospital every eight months.'
  5. 'In my day we were not stupid enough to suppose that references were the key to getting a hospital consultant job.'
  6. 'Their experiences are commented on by a general practitioner and a consultant haematologist.'
  7. 'They will then be reviewed by one of five consultants within Lancashire Teaching Hospital.'
  8. 'I believe this would apply to the post of consultant surgeon at the University Hospital of Otago.'
  9. 'This report shows that the improvements depended on increased consultant input.'
  10. 'Thereafter they move on to specialist training grades running through to consultant level.'

More definitions

1. a person who gives professional or expert advice: a consultant on business methods.

2. a person who consults someone or something.

More examples(as adjective)

"appointments can be consultant."

"services can be consultant."

"hospitals can be consultant."


Late 17th century (in the sense ‘a person who consults’): probably from French, from Latin consultare (see consult).