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A professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field.
  1. 'RPS is the biggest European environmental consultancy and it is even quoted on the London stock exchange.'
  2. 'As large buyers of flights and hotel rooms, consultancies can arrange with travel agencies to deliver covertly discounts of about 40 per cent.'
  3. 'Working within such organisations, which include management consultancies such as McKinsey, PA Consulting or Hay, can be highly stressful.'
  4. 'Some departments endorse such private consultancies precisely because doing so enables them to retain the most talented and well-funded faculty members.'
  5. 'It probably reflects people using their previous experience in businesses to set up consultancies in areas like financial advice and accountancy, said Professor Hart.'
  6. 'Research published in Britain last week by consultancy Detica showed very low public demand for 3G.'
  7. 'Management consultancies have been forced over recent years to demerge consulting and auditing arms, due in the main to concerns over conflicts of interest.'
  8. 'Molly Scott Cato is a researcher with Green Audit, an independent environmental consultancy.'
  9. 'Andy Ingles from Dunbar runs his own environmental consultancy.'
  10. 'Many former City traders from Essex are deserting the City and are turning to self employment, starting up estate agencies, management consultancies and as investment advisers.'
  11. 'a world class source of environmental consultancy'
  12. 'Colette Grundy has worked in environmental consultancy for the past 10 years.'
  13. 'Laurent will provide research and development consultancy on an on-going basis.'
  14. 'Sai also provides consultancy for environmental modification for handicapped persons.'
  15. 'When a short term consultancy became available with PB Asia Parsons Aviation he took it.'
  16. 'Last year her €60,000-a-month consultancy to run the Digital Hub came to an end.'
  17. 'It recently announced plans to buy companies that are active in energy consultancy.'
  18. 'Irish operations include research and development, consultancy and training.'
  19. 'The larger accountancy houses add consultancy and other services to their product mix.'
  20. 'The expert knowledge of folklorists and ethnologists is also in demand in the tourist and development industries and their academic writings are a cachet to earning consultancies and contracts.'
  21. 'Soon, he ventured into consultancy but was drawn by the prospects in IT.'

More definitions

1. the state of being a consultant; the position of a consultant: a consultancy with a government agency.

2. a person or firm that provides consulting advice or services.

3. consultation (defs 1, 2).

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"services can be consultancy."

"roles can be consultancy."

"fees can be consultancy."

"contracts can be consultancy."