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The action of building something, typically a large structure.
  1. 'With two housing developments currently under construction in Bangor, the town has got a major face-lift in the last five years.'
  2. 'There was a factory building under construction, and this must be the chemical factory that triggered this incident.'
  3. 'The construction of the snake house, the otter enclosure and the panther enclosure has been half completed.'
  4. 'The project will see the demolition of an existing house and the construction of a 144 bedroom hotel spread over a ground floor and 14 upper floors.'
  5. 'The construction of her own house back home in Belgium is her current obsession.'
  6. 'There are currently four major housing projects under construction in the area.'
  7. 'The building, under construction for two and a half years, will be dedicated in February.'
  8. 'So far the authorities are powerless to intervene because the building under construction conforms exactly to the plans approved by the local council.'
  9. 'While new housing construction has declined sharply, an increase in building demolitions has also taken place.'
  10. 'There are currently six social housing schemes under construction in the county.'
  11. '50,000 more jobs will go from construction'
  12. 'Not many responders had a history of dusty work, such as experience in road and building construction and the cement industry.'
  13. 'Areas such as construction, woodwork and industrial manufacture may prove a problem.'
  14. 'Most of them will go and work in building construction, brick making and roads.'
  15. 'If he was going there to supervise the construction of the hotel, he should have been accompanied by experts in building construction and the hotel industry.'
  16. 'Could it be the explosive growth in industries like construction, agriculture, poultry, and carpet-making?'
  17. 'Most strikes occurred in the retail sector, followed by the mining industry, metal and manufacturing, building and construction and transport.'
  18. 'the mill is of brick construction'
  19. 'But the fact remains that the sizes determined for the architecture of the room are compatible with brick construction, on a plausible modular dimension.'
  20. 'I hear about a lot of builders out there who are changing over from stick construction to modular building.'
  21. 'The building is of drop log construction, a style adopted by Tim for its similarity with the pioneering architecture of the region.'
  22. 'Most of the houses, with brick and tile construction, carved doors and painted windows, are built along canals.'
  23. 'Some furniture is just butted up together and is nailed, I do not recommend that style of construction.'
  24. 'The deck and cabin structure are a sandwich construction utilizing plywood rather than balsa as a core material.'
  25. 'Application of a water repellent does not negate proper brick construction and detailing procedures.'
  26. 'The building itself allows little space for amenity land for the children to play in, and the style of construction is totally out of character for the area.'
  27. 'Our present building is a modern construction with seven classrooms.'
  28. 'The barn was a wooden construction with a corrugated iron roof and only a wide opening for a door.'
  29. 'The traders have been requested to remove unauthorised constructions on platforms.'
  30. 'Up to now most wooden bridges have been flat constructions with limited length and strength.'
  31. 'Shopping is a big past-time and the malls are lavish constructions with lifts, fountains and plenty of open coffee shops.'
  32. 'On the low podium at the far end of the building is a similar construction which mirrors the simple rose window behind you.'
  33. 'The court was hearing a petition on removing shops and illegal constructions within the fort.'
  34. 'Does the building possess any feature not commonly seen in modern constructions?'
  35. 'Ones does not simply say that the addition of the second floor renders it a new building, a new construction.'
  36. 'A stone construction with a wooden superstructure, the bridge houses 64 shops.'
The creation of an abstract entity.
  1. 'More recently, Men's Studies have explored the social construction of masculinities.'
  2. 'It's all very big and heady - the world of abstract construction - but it's child's play, really.'
  3. 'However, in each case we see an intellectual predilection for stressing the active role of individuals in the social construction of social reality.'
  4. 'We did a lot of creative construction back in the founding.'
  5. 'Parts of this paper will be informed by his view of the social construction of reality and its inherent dialectical character.'
  6. 'The tacit acceptance of the fact that rape exists has to do with the social construction of masculinity.'
  7. 'His study offers an analysis of the cultural constructions of gender and national identity during the war years.'
  8. 'This book should generate some lively ideas for creative work tying in with construction and invention, imagination and probability.'
  9. 'Since reality is our own construction, it should be our responsibility to know what we can do with it.'
  10. 'Not to do so would contravene his will, viewed as a construction of his higher-order desires, even if the action turned out to be to his disadvantage.'
  11. 'you could put an honest construction upon their conduct'
  12. 'Thanks to him, definitions and constructions of civil rights have been on my mind lately.'
  13. 'It is these human religious constructions that have become unconvincing.'
  14. 'For a long time, I simply thought of philosophy as interesting constructions.'
  15. 'That, in my view, is an improper construction of the provision, and is is inconsistent with the broad statutory language.'
  16. 'If one looks at that history we say that a purposive construction gives rise to a different view to that which I understand is literally open.'
  17. 'There is, so far as I am aware, no authority on the true construction of this clause.'
  18. 'The reader will not expect to find in these pages any novel views, and novel constructions of the Constitution.'
  19. 'So I would argue that moralities be understood as constructions, which creates a space in which they can be interrogated.'
  20. 'Language experts can tell from sentence construction, phrase and idiom whether or not you think in the language of your speech or writing.'
  21. 'The construction doesn't require a clause introduced by that - it can be a bare sentence'
  22. 'The only solution is that both are uses of the plain form in a subjunctive main clause construction.'

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1. the act or art of constructing.

2. the way in which a thing is constructed: a building of solid construction.

3. something that is constructed; a structure.

4. the occupation or industry of building: He works in construction.

5. Grammar. the arrangement of two or more forms in a grammatical unit. Constructions involving bound forms are often called morphological, as the bound forms fif- and -teen. Those involving only free forms are often called syntactic, as the good man, in

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(construction)Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin constructio(n-), from construere ‘heap together’ (see construct).