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Build or make (something, typically a building, road, or machine)
  1. 'After it was built a cottage was constructed; one of the walls of the cottage was a wall of the coach house.'
  2. 'Assume that the council was proposing to erect or construct a road adjoining privately owned property which was known to be prone to frequent flooding.'
  3. 'They also suggest opening up a former subway beneath Bradford Road and constructing a new station entrance.'
  4. 'Moreover, if a lot of new buildings were constructed on the main streets, the flow and complexity of traffic would soon increase.'
  5. 'But the churches became inward looking and failed to evangelise the masses, concentrating instead on constructing ornate church buildings.'
  6. 'Construction cranes litter the skylines of Chinese cities, particularly Beijing and Shanghai, helping to construct apartments and office buildings.'
  7. 'He said it had been decided to construct service roads for the highways being built under the golden quadrilateral project.'
  8. 'Where there are major roads, huts are constructed at intervals of a couple of kilometers.'
  9. 'Massive residential buildings were constructed near that station, and extend to the Lian Hua Road.'
  10. 'Demolishing slum areas and constructing apartment buildings for former slum dwellers has never been a success in helping the poor.'
  11. 'poetics should construct a theory of literary discourse'
  12. 'Although it's a blind case with no useful help received from any corner, our team has been able to construct three theories which are only probabilities.'
  13. 'What role do state institutions play in shaping identities and constructing beliefs about deviance that privilege some groups and pathologize others?'
  14. 'When you get fluent in another language and start to think in it you take on certain freedoms because you can construct ideas, create things in that language to get yourself out of trouble.'
  15. 'What have been the building blocks from which those children have constructed their ideas of how men and women relate to one another?'
  16. 'Even the fastest writers agree that conceiving and constructing the ideas behind a play take time.'
  17. 'The notion that we have to construct the idea of self and an authorial voice (in your head or in the text) in such reductive pronoun-based terminology is, I think, a flawed one.'
  18. 'By the beginning of the 1630s, however, Descartes embarked on a more ambitious plan to construct a systematic theory of knowledge, including physics.'
  19. 'He was a dedicated experimenter, unwilling to construct abstract theories to which his results had to conform.'
  20. 'An important tenet in constructivist theory is evaluating evidence to construct a global interpretation of an event or era.'
  21. 'To construct the null hypothesis in this test, we started with the observed number of species and assumed a constant rate of origination.'
  22. 'An affected individual, after a stroke, tumour or wound to the area, loses the ability to construct grammatical sentences.'
  23. 'So the child follows the pattern to construct his own sentence based on a pattern, and then analyzes it he sees how the different parts of the sentence can be rearranged in relationship to each other.'
  24. 'Your child's growing grammatical skills will help him to construct quality sentences, then build paragraphs and essays.'
  25. 'Ancient Greek geometers knew that the number of solids that can be constructed from regular geometric figures is limited to five.'
  26. 'The problem of the hidden figure arises because all quantifiable data depends on how the figures are constructed and interpreted.'
  27. 'The problem was, given a circle, to construct geometrically a square equal in area to the given circle.'


An idea or theory containing various conceptual elements, typically one considered to be subjective and not based on empirical evidence.
  1. 'It was a theory, an idea, a theological construct designed to fit his circumstances.'
  2. 'The first thing to note is that the ‘new economy’ was largely an ideological construct deployed in advance of there being any real evidence of increased productivity and the like.'
  3. 'The construct of astrology is based on the following theoretical infrastructure.'
  4. 'For what is truth, but a subjective construct rendered persuasive in the moment of its construction?'
  5. 'His is an ideological construct, based on the workings of the so-called ‘free market’.'
  6. 'Again, this is an ideological construct with tenuous roots in reality.'
  7. 'But science also rejects the idea that we are cut off from true reality, forever confined to superficial appearances, subjective constructs, and useful fictions.'
  8. 'Of course, psychological constructs and theories are not always independent of their social, cultural, and historical contexts.'
  9. 'The following results are presented based upon the constructs of the Behavioral Ecological Model.'
  10. 'Ideas, constructs of imagination, cause men to push buttons.'
  11. 'the appropriateness of the grammatical construct is illustrated'
  12. 'To many modern critics, this is a philosophical or theoretical weakness, an inability to consider the plays as ultimately linguistic constructs.'
  13. 'Poems reach their audiences not as abstract linguistic constructs that are pretty much the same whatever their material published form, but either as performance or as printed artifacts.'
  14. 'a transgenic construct'
  15. 'Support Armors were humanoid constructs of purely mechanical origin, no biological components were contained within them, other than the pilot.'
  16. 'Physical constructs are also unlikely to be reusable for other functions.'
  17. 'Simultaneously to portray the construct as a prison or trap and also to suggest the possibility of dismantling it from the inside, is the challenge.'
  18. 'Both loops were placed in an aluminum snap hook to mount the construct in the load frame.'
  19. 'However, logistics officer training, the foundational pillar that supports the entire construct, is out of balance.'
  20. 'He leapt into the air, smashing through the high ceiling and looking for the supportive structures of the construct.'
  21. 'The structures of these constructs are diagrammed along with the results.'

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1. to build or form by putting together parts; frame; devise.

2. Geometry. to draw (a figure) fulfilling certain given conditions. noun

3. something constructed.

4. an image, idea, or theory, especially a complex one formed from a number of simpler elements.

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"settlements can be constructing."

"arrangements can be constructing."

"unities can be constructing."

"types can be constructing."

"sites can be constructing."

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(construct)Late Middle English: from Latin construct- ‘heaped together, built’, from the verb construere, from con- ‘together’ + struere ‘pile, build’.