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Make narrower, especially by encircling pressure.
  1. 'constricted air passages'
  2. 'This will help constrict the blood vessel and stop the bleeding.'
  3. 'This enlargement constricts the urethra so the flow of urine is reduced, making it increasingly difficult to empty the bladder.'
  4. 'Doctors treat shock by stabilizing blood pressure with medications that increase the heart rate, constrict large blood vessels, or increase the volume of blood the heart pumps.'
  5. 'It speeds the heart rate, constricts blood vessels, and can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels.'
  6. 'Clinicians should remember to ‘fill up the tank’ before attempting to constrict the vessel.'
  7. 'Pilocarpine drops may be used to constrict the pupil and re-establish circulation of aqueous humor.'
  8. 'Results indicate that while cocaine did constrict brain blood vessels in men, it failed to do so in women.'
  9. 'The band constricts the stomach, thus producing a small pouch with a narrow opening into the lower stomach.'
  10. 'It can also constrict blood vessels and cause chest pain or irregular heart beats.'
  11. 'She'd climb on with a bit of a problem, her tight little shirt wouldn't allow her too much freedom and the narrow stilettos constricted her feet.'
  12. 'Hot tears sprung into her eyes and her throat began to constrict.'
  13. 'His throat constricts, and he clears it quietly while standing up from his chair.'
  14. 'He could almost feel his heart constrict in his chest as he remembered that moment.'
  15. 'He looked so desperate my throat began to constrict.'
  16. 'So Alex loved someone, I felt my heart constrict tightly as I registered what he said.'
  17. 'Choking back a sob, he felt his throat constrict.'
  18. 'He had wanted to start some form of conversation, but before he could, his throat would constrict in nervousness.'
  19. 'A weight seemingly pressed on my chest and my throat constricted.'
  20. 'His throat constricted at her innocent teasing.'
  21. 'I felt my throat constrict, and not trusting myself to speak, I nodded.'
  22. 'boas constrict and suffocate their prey'
  23. 'But it takes about four minutes for a rat to die of asphyxiation, whereas a snake can constrict a rodent to death in just one.'
  24. 'The snakes also twist while constricting, in order to break the backs of their unfortunate prey.'
  25. 'I quickly retrieved my digital camera and took this series of photographs as the snake constricted and consumed the bird.'
  26. 'Would you rather be bitten by a poisonous snake or constricted by a python?'
  27. 'the fear and the reality of crime constrict many people's lives'
  28. 'It constricts his creativity and his autonomy.'
  29. 'She does not want to be constricted by a narrow feminism nor does she accept the cultural burden handed to her as a woman.'
  30. 'But this meant that the economic life of Europe was severely constricted.'
  31. 'He said shoes constricted his creativity.'

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1. to draw or press in; cause to contract or shrink; compress.

2. to slow or stop the natural course or development of: Greed and aggressiveness constricted the nation's cultural life.

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"walls can be constricting."

"transcendences can be constricting."

"standards can be constricting."

"shackles can be constricting."

"rules can be constricting."

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(constrict)Mid 18th century: from Latin constrict- ‘bound tightly together’, from the verb constringere (see constrain).