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Having the power to establish or give organized existence to something.
  1. 'Alexis de Tocqueville wrote, in the 1830s, that the great constitutive power of the American republic was its town councils and rural communities, in which small assemblies of citizens took counsel for their immediate good.'
  2. 'Language has constitutive power and is thereby involved in shaping our perceptions, our thoughts and our social realities.'
  3. 'Its constitutive power can never be thought of in historical terms because it presupposes moving out of the structures that define an historical condition.'
  4. 'Such cases illustrate law's constitutive power.'
  5. 'A number of prescriptions are necessary to provide closure to the mass and momentum equations: these are the constitutive equations that establish the link between physical laws and biological behaviors.'
  6. 'The first we may call the constitutive function of value judgments.'
Forming a part or constituent of something.
  1. 'Thus here, as in 1 Corinthians, the cult narrative of Israel is employed as one of the constitutive elements of communal identity.'
  2. 'Accounting history research, accordingly, has become a constitutive element for the overall accounting research agenda.'
  3. 'It is a testimony to the idea of democracy itself that the battle over its constitutive elements will, in all likelihood, continue.'
  4. 'They would have been able to hunker down, graft, get a mortgage for a two-bedroom terraced house, all the constitutive elements of what used to pass for the Asian good life.'
  5. 'Law has often been ignored as a constitutive element of social organization, but it plays an important part in the definition of social roles and distribution of resources.'
  6. 'This economy has, as its constitutive elements, such factors as attention span, pleasure, ratio of novelty to repetition.'
  7. 'They may become part of the internal logic of fighting and develop into a constitutive element of warfare.'
  8. 'For thousands of years the subjugation of the sensuous faculties has been regarded as a constitutive element of human reason and progress.'
  9. 'A constitutive element of justice is that all voices are heard and that the participants have a voice.'
  10. 'These two constitutive elements of custom - state practice and opinio juris - are considered further below.'
  11. 'language is constitutive of thought'
  12. 'If a search for such a unique truth is constitutive of history, then history is impossible and, in a post-modern world, we need to move to ‘imaginaries’.'
  13. 'What has been assumed to come from outside as the bodily property of a particular racial or gendered group is something that has always been inside the self and is constitutive of the interior subject.'
  14. 'Yet, as noted by Aristotle, one's habits are in large part constitutive of one's moral character; habits make the man.'
  15. 'Despite disclaimers by authors that their checklists should be viewed as being ‘reflective rather than constitutive of good research,’ there is evidence that checklists are sometimes being used prescriptively.'
  16. 'Each resident is, side by side with all other residents, constitutive of the town, city, or county; and all residents are, regardless of citizenship, bearers of rights.'
  17. 'Citizenship in the form of legal status does not guarantee that they will be constitutive of the American body politic.'
  18. 'We have argued that sexual politics are constitutive of all social relations and that colonizing processes are formulated and practiced through the disciplining of Third-World women's bodies.'
  19. 'The cloned child would have her uniquely individuating consciousness that would be constitutive of her personal identity.'
  20. 'In one sense, she is represented as a human, Adamic type, while in another, she appears as counterpart to Adam, with Adam's stance toward her archetypal and constitutive of human relationships in general.'
  21. 'The instinct is to preserve the status quo against this irruption, not to see the irruption as constitutive of the status quo.'
Relating to an enzyme or enzyme system that is continuously produced in an organism, regardless of the needs of cells.
  1. 'The most widely accepted and significant leukemogenic mechanism attributed to the fusion protein involves the constitutive stimulation of tyrosine kinase.'
  2. 'As already noted, in some studies it proved impossible to recover levan transformants using an otherwise successful constitutive transformation system indicating that expression of the levan sucrase can be lethal.'


1. constituent; making a thing what it is; essential.

2. having power to establish or enact.

3. Physics, Chemistry. pertaining to a molecular property determined primarily by the arrangement of atoms in the molecule rather than by their nature or number.

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