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Make subject to the provisions of a country's constitution.
  1. 'Over unanimous Democratic opposition, Republicans passed the Fourteenth Amendment, which constitutionalized civil rights by guaranteeing due process and equality before the law for all.'
  2. 'As part of the deal to constitutionalize rights in the '82 Constitution Act, the provinces extracted a pound of flesh from the Feds.'
  3. 'Rather, Congress retained the power over interstate Commerce, and § 2 simply constitutionalized Congress's exercise of its Commerce Clause authority to allow states to treat domestic and interstate liquor equally.'
  4. 'He is mildly positive but points out that a talk-radio discussion of the bill ‘illustrates how quick people are, even on the right, to constitutionalize all sorts of arguments that aren't really about the Constitution at all.’'
  5. 'While property rights have been constitutionalized in international economic agreements, labour and other human rights have been left outside, in the realm of the voluntary and private.'
  6. 'Finally, very significant is the constitutionalizing of the right to sue one's government.'
  7. 'This Amendment would constitutionalize a scheme more commonly known as ‘tax-increment financing’.'
  8. 'In effect, the court constitutionalised, so to speak, an absolute limitation.'
  9. 'She suggests - rightly, I think - that it may be politically and legally important to constitutionalize the No Exit understanding of parenthood - to insist on a rights-based understanding of parental entitlement.'
  10. 'This system lasted until the mid-20th century, when criminal procedure was constitutionalized and the job of reviewing criminal convictions, especially in capital cases, in effect shifted from governors to appellate courts.'

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1. to incorporate in a constitution; make constitutional.

2. to provide a constitution for.

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"systems can be constitutionalised."