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Clearly visible.
  1. 'With a mongrel of overcast sun straying to and from her heels, she scoured all three for conspicuous features related to light.'
  2. 'This site is one of the most conspicuous locations in Brentford.'
  3. 'Guidelines say blue badges must be displayed on the dashboard of a vehicle or in a conspicuous position so all details on it can be clearly seen.'
  4. 'Twenty years ago, when we worked together in north-east England, he was equally conspicuous by wearing a ginger wig.'
  5. 'They say that the mark of a great team is the ability to grind out results when they are below par, and this was another conspicuous example.'
  6. 'The most conspicuous result now is the Rideau Canal, an immensely expensive waterway that terminates in Ottawa.'
  7. 'So these butterflies are making use of more than the visible portion of the spectrum in order to make itself conspicuous.'
  8. 'It had a lovely translucent green body and a conspicuous darker green triangular head with a pair of bulging black eyes.'
  9. 'This was prominently exhibited in the London exhibition, and caused a conspicuous stir among the visitors.'
  10. 'All this was done, it may seem, with remarkably little attention to the natural orientations that are so conspicuous on the map.'
  11. 'he showed conspicuous bravery'
  12. 'It could be said that one of the features of contemporary opera is both the dearth of conspicuous talent and the amount of money pursuing it.'
  13. 'Poetry and history trump vulgarity and conspicuous consumption.'
  14. 'The operation was not a failure, but it was not a conspicuous success either.'
  15. 'His first stint in Italy, then, had not been marked by conspicuous success, with just the solitary cup in five years.'
  16. 'The attitudinal change of adolescents makes its conspicuous presence in the domestic environment.'
  17. 'The country has taken waves of immigration before, often with a conspicuous lack of success.'
  18. 'Regulation of tobacco has not been a conspicuous success at the level of the European Union so far.'
  19. 'There is conspicuous abundance here in this lovely place, and patent lack.'
  20. 'Two other monuments to conspicuous wealth that lie just across a small bridge will make you yearn for the life of the idle rich.'
  21. 'The Temeraire fought with conspicuous bravery in the battle beside Nelson's flagship Victory.'


1. easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable: a conspicuous error.

2. attracting special attention, as by outstanding qualities or eccentricities: He was conspicuous by his booming laughter.

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"people can be conspicuous by absences."

"investors can be conspicuous by absences."

"people can be conspicuous in clothes."

"countries can be conspicuous by absences."

"banks can be conspicuous by absences."

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Mid 16th century: from Latin conspicuus (from conspicere ‘look at attentively’, from con- (expressing intensive force) + spicere ‘look at’) + -ous.


conspicuous by one's absence