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(of a person) unable to think clearly; bewildered.
  1. 'Like most people, I am confused about the facts.'
  2. 'When she was confused about this, she asked if I would ever bring a woman a bowl of butternut squash soup at a party for a neutral reason, and I said absolutely not.'
  3. 'We distributed the flyer to help to clarify the reasons why the school board is going to court, because we heard that people were still confused about the issues.'
  4. 'Hopefully nobody is terribly confused about where this is going.'
  5. 'People are confused about the role of this board.'
  6. 'People were often confused about which documents were required, and in what language they should be drawn up.'
  7. 'Such understanding is particularly valuable in these days, when many people are confused about the essentials of the gospel.'
  8. 'This is a response to the first thing we clepe because people are confused about what they really value.'
  9. 'People are deeply confused about that, unless they're very psychologically alert to their feelings.'
  10. 'I got a sense from the people in my audience that they were confused about several things.'
  11. 'a confused expression crossed her face'
  12. 'Seeing her confused and sad expression she said ‘what's wrong honey?’'
  13. 'A look of surprise crossed Evan's face, forming into a confused expression.'
  14. 'She looked at me with the same confused expression.'
  15. 'We like nothing more than seeing the confused expression on tourists' faces when we offer them two national flags, each purporting to represent Scotland.'
  16. 'Chloe looked up at him with a confused expression.'
  17. 'The man nodded with a slightly confused expression.'
  18. 'She nearly screamed, causing him to set the stick aside and blink at her, a confused expression crossing his face, giving him a boyish appearance.'
  19. 'Less than half a second later, it shot back upwards, twinkling innocently, leaving John with a confused and slightly dazed expression.'
  20. 'When his facial features assumed a confused expression, she smiled almost coyly before rising on her tiptoes and planting a kiss directly on his lips.'
  21. 'Claire noticed my confused expression and filled me in.'
  22. 'I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother and her confused mental state.'
  23. 'He died in a residential home, a sad confused old man.'
  24. 'Returning to the present, we find him a confused and frustrated old man, unable to come to grips with the horrific realities of modern war.'
  25. 'The spiritual leader of a billion Catholics is now an ailing and confused old man, who may even be suffering from paranoia and psychosis caused by his Parkinson's disease.'
  26. 'I tried not to get angry with the confused old fool.'
  27. 'When I was young, and I have to add, foolish, I considered the law an oppressive force, and judges to be confused out-of-touch old farts.'
  28. 'She says that putting elderly stroke patients on wards where there are mentally confused older people is causing them distress.'
  29. 'I was also a bit disappointed by their choice of targets, which seemed fairly random, but were mainly elderly couples or confused looking old men.'
  30. 'I was about to do a happy dance when I remembered I was supposedly having a conversation with a confused old woman.'
Lacking order and so difficult to understand.
  1. 'reports about the incident were rather confused'
  2. 'But while the voice of anger was clear, the debate itself was confused.'
  3. 'So without our having to rely on our own confused struggle to understand the path, this person brings us to an understanding of what it is we are seeing.'
  4. 'To pretty much anyone this lot represents a bewildering, tangled, confused maze of information.'
  5. 'It may even be as the proponents of ‘lay epidemiology’ argue that the public is good at combining confused and conflicting information to reach a conclusion.'
  6. 'Once a fateful decision has been taken, an open mind becomes a luxury because any reappraisal may result in confused orders and demoralization.'
  7. 'That last word indicates something that is hazy, confused, difficult to grasp and bewildered.'
  8. 'It was a characteristically confused encounter but one that made it clear to the author that the events of 1967 had made him permanently homeless.'
  9. 'the sound of a sort of confused hammering and shouting'
  10. 'Within, she found a confused jumble of random thoughts and an intense feeling of pain.'
  11. 'The Greens seek to appeal to confused and disoriented elements from the extreme right, as well as the left.'
  12. 'As he held her hands, images tumbled into her mind, a confused jumble.'
  13. 'The shouts were merged and confused, but she could just about make out a common cry: ‘Kill the witch!’'
  14. 'At the moment, as reprsented by this thread, it seems to me a confused muddle of mixed intentions, vague accusations, misunderstandings and so on.'
  15. 'They heard confused shouts and the whinnying of startled horses behind them.'


1. to perplex or bewilder: The flood of questions confused me.

2. to make unclear or indistinct: The rumors and angry charges tended to confuse the issue.

3. to fail to distinguish between; associate by mistake; confound: to confuse dates; He always confuses the twins.

4. to disconcert or abash: His candor confused her.

5. to combine without order; jumble; disorder: Try not to confuse the papers on the desk.

6. Archaic. to bring

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"people can be confused with people."

"people can be confused about things."

"markets can be confused at points."

"situations can be confused by injuries."

"situations can be confused by illnesses."

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