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Relating to or based on mental concepts.
  1. 'It prefers the local to the foreign, the simple to the subtle, the emotional to the conceptual.'
  2. 'Marx taught us to look at ideologies or conceptual frameworks, and to ask of them, who do they serve?'
  3. 'Such is the absurdity of attempting to move a conceptual framework from one country to another.'
  4. 'Third, we need conceptual clarity on the type of crime we wish to see reduced.'
  5. 'Whatever be its conceptual base, what does the duty of reasonable care and skill of a bank encompass?'
  6. 'It is partial in thinking and lacks conceptual clarity and an integral vision.'
  7. 'I don't know about you but I feel that I lack the conceptual tools to keep on thinking.'
  8. 'Our discussions ranged from the conceptual to the incredibly practical.'
  9. 'It never migrates into some purely conceptual realm, a pure dictionary-like definition.'
  10. 'He therefore makes an important conceptual distinction between real men and masculinities.'


1. pertaining to concepts or to the forming of concepts.

More examples(as adjective)

"talks can be conceptual at stages."

"programmes can be conceptual in natures."

"frameworks can be conceptual."

"models can be conceptual."

"problems can be conceptual."

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Mid 17th century: from medieval Latin conceptualis, from Latin concept- ‘conceived’, from the verb concipere (see concept).