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Having one's feelings and expression under control; calm.
  1. 'Stockdale held his head in horror afterwards but, revealingly, went on to produce the kind of composed and focused performance that has typified his impressive ten-match stint in the first team.'
  2. 'The guy had returned to his calm and composed state.'
  3. 'He had a calm, composed exterior, but inside, Kimberly knew that he was in anguish.'
  4. 'She came as they always seemed to do, lovely and composed and unconcerned by the people who thronged about her stallion.'
  5. 'Madeleine attempted no response at first, but the composed expression on her face was unwavering.'
  6. 'Sol glanced around with composed indifference.'
  7. 'For a quiet, level-headed lad, who is usually so composed and unflappable on the pitch, the prospect is one that exhilarates.'
  8. 'Alex took a deep breath and faced the teacher with a composed expression.'
  9. 'I am also a composed person and do not especially like risk - I prefer reliability to anything else.'


1. calm; tranquil; serene: His composed face reassured the nervous passengers.

More examples(as adjective)

"consortiums can be composed of things."

"offices can be composed of people."

"units can be composed of presidents."

"diets can be composed of houses."

"consortiums can be composed of places."

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