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Relating to or characterized by competition.
  1. 'the intensely competitive newspaper industry'
  2. 'Successful competitive fencing cannot be taught entirely through class instruction.'
  3. 'But the demands of success on the competitive circuit led to the drafting in of professional players.'
  4. 'I want school sports coordinators to spend the next 12 months bringing competitive sports back to schools.'
  5. 'We have made so many excellent performances in the area of competitive sports.'
  6. 'How do countries and their firms and industries develop and maintain their distinct competitive advantages?'
  7. 'For all his success, his competitive history is filled with moments of fragility.'
  8. 'Selected teams from all six local authority areas in Cumbria come together on one day for a competitive festival of sport.'
  9. 'Often, when you watch competitive sport, you see young competitors winning.'
  10. 'After all, who else would close their album with a small, quietly defiant song about the horrors of competitive sports?'
  11. 'It is a much cheaper way of gaining competitive advantage and it is a continuing process.'
  12. 'They have got a new continental manager who has been a massive success in the notoriously competitive Spanish league.'
  13. 'Even their displays of competitive compassion only emphasise how illusory the choice is.'
  14. 'This was an excellent game of football, displayed by two very competitive sides.'
  15. 'The competitive spirit flows strongly, too, in the rapidly reviving brass band.'
  16. 'He also predicted the potential of competitive spirit in Asian countries.'
  17. 'There also burns, below a serene surface, a fierce competitive streak.'
  18. 'He was strong and competitive, but had a soft side that he rarely showed to anyone but family.'
  19. 'It seems the formidable competitive streak which made him the world's greatest all-round athlete remains.'
  20. 'Because of this, overtraining is typically accompanied by a loss in competitive desire and a loss in enthusiasm for training.'
  21. 'Murray's competitive spirit and determination to succeed has not gone unnoticed among his peers.'
As good as or better than others of a comparable nature.
  1. 'Many US firms could now find it is easier to export because their goods and services are considerably more competitive.'
  2. 'Air access and egress is considered a fundamental for any region which hopes to be competitive in the future.'
  3. 'we offer prompt service at competitive rates'
  4. 'Her brief is to produce a commercial range of designs at competitive prices that can be delivered in as little as 15 days.'
  5. 'We can offer beautifully tailored jackets, trouser suits, skirts and dresses at very competitive prices.'
  6. 'Trees are available in several shapes and are offered at competitive prices.'
  7. 'All artworks are on sale at very keen, competitive prices, so come along and enjoy the wonderful display.'
  8. 'MSN will be offered at a competitive price when the society is ready.'
  9. 'Easy availability and the competitive price of pan masala in the market are other factors for its popularity.'
  10. 'It is not enough that they are competitive on price and specification.'
  11. 'They would then decide whether the prices were competitive enough to make it a sustainable business.'
  12. 'Drinks are on sale at competitive prices and members enjoy darts, pool and Crown Green Bowling.'
  13. 'A low exchange rate, competitive prices, and a whole lot of migration do not make them magicians.'


1. of, pertaining to, involving, or decided by competition: competitive sports; a competitive examination.

2. well suited for competition; having a feature that makes for successful competition: a competitive price.

3. having a strong desire to compete or to succeed.

4. useful to a competitor; giving a competitor an advantage: He was careful not to divulge competitive information about his invention.

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"places can be competitive in markets."

"products can be competitive on markets."

"places can be competitive on markets."

"people can be competitive in places."

"people can be competitive in markets."

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Early 19th century: from Latin competit- ‘striven for’, from the verb competere (see compete), + -ive.