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Willing, eager, or able to talk or impart information.
  1. 'Being communicative and self-motivated, she found that soon she was able to do the job without difficulty.'
  2. 'A doctor with whom you have a good, communicative and friendly relationship is a rare beast.'
  3. 'Marcus was confused when he arrived in the hospital, poorly communicative (not his usual self).'
  4. 'As a result, Suzanne's songs use a language that is simple, communicative and often surprising, particularly for the unexpected stories she chooses to tell.'
  5. 'If that doesn't work then try to be communicative with other people in your class.'
  6. 'My vet is not very communicative or easy to get a call back once the initial treatment is set.'
  7. 'While you're in a communicative mood, please let us know what you think of our articles, and what subjects you'd like us to cover.'
  8. 'His social skills improved so that he became more communicative, conversational and animated.'
  9. 'With a good score behind him and a couple of good catches, he was soon the most communicative person on the field.'
  10. 'Generally, girls start off in school being more articulate and communicative than their male primary friends.'
  11. 'the communicative process in literary texts'
  12. 'Allusions and references, in other words, allow writers to engage their readers and listeners actively in the communicative process.'
  13. 'The website would provide the common interface to these communicative processes, as well as access to the tools for project registration.'
  14. 'The point being, there is a huge difference between writing for pure communicative purposes, and writing for more aesthetic reasons.'
  15. 'Therefore, their images are an important expressive and communicative resource and should be part of the cultural debate.'
  16. 'Oh, it's not that nobody ever had a thought about images, representation, visual forms, and their communicative power before now.'
  17. 'Instead, identification is the result of a communicative process that interconnects reason and emotions.'
  18. 'Similarly, clinicians rarely record all communicative exchanges with patients.'
  19. 'Technically, all space/time restrictions have been effectively eliminated from the communicative process.'


1. inclined to communicate or impart; talkative: He isn't feeling very communicative today.

2. of or relating to communication.

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"tests can be communicative in characters."

"people can be communicative for times."

"functions can be communicative."

"actions can be communicative."

"activities can be communicative."

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Late Middle English: from late Latin communicativus, from communicat- ‘shared’, from the verb communicare (see communicate).