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Concerned with or engaged in commerce.
  1. 'Further, it is implicit in a commercial agreement of this kind that the terms of the new price structure are to be fair and reasonable as between the parties.'
  2. 'These agreements seek to apply commercial rules to all areas of policy, paying little regard to social or environmental impacts.'
  3. 'To that end, in 1991 the government awarded banking licenses to 16 new commercial banks.'
  4. 'Such banks conducted the usual banking activities but their activities were confined to purely commercial transactions.'
  5. 'Firstly, it seems that courts will protect commercial agreements made with the express object of preventing unwanted publicity.'
  6. 'It is now finalizing a commercial agreement with Spain's second largest airline.'
  7. 'In the meantime, they and the proposed mobile providers would be engaged in commercial negotiations on rates.'
  8. 'The contract is subject to detailed conditions as laid out in the commercial agreement between Samtel and Thomson.'
  9. 'He said that as a state company, they might engage in commercial activities that could help finance its efforts to keep rice prices stable.'
  10. 'However, it was arguably the activities of commercial rivals, not concerns about bad publicity, which finally made the bank back down.'
Making or intended to make a profit.
  1. 'He gathered a group of test subjects and asked them to look at a series of commercial products, rating how strongly they liked or disliked them.'
  2. 'The maximization of value, profit and satisfaction are still the critical success factors in a commercial transaction.'
  3. 'Alan's idea was that you do the academic side but you also try to make it commercial.'
  4. 'It is expected that a further €5m to €7m will be raised in commercial sponsorship.'
  5. 'Given that, we are very happy with the final products and commercial success of the series.'
  6. 'The remainder of the money is expected to come in grants and commercial sponsorship.'
  7. 'Their record company will miss them in particular, as the band had enormous commercial success.'
  8. 'By taking this native plant and breeding it, the company obtained the exclusive right to use this cultivated species of the plant in commercial products.'
  9. 'New York thus arguably owes its commercial success to one source: the ability to move goods and people from one place to another efficiently and en masse.'
  10. 'Composers of ‘serious’ operas turned their hands to works of a light and tuneful nature intended for a wider audience and for commercial success.'
  11. 'their work is too commercial'
  12. 'However, as Sue is a long-time reader rather than a passing commercial opportunist, we'll let her get away with it.'
  13. 'Rahul is seen as a ‘serious’ actor who stars in art films rather than mainstream commercial Bollywood releases.'
  14. 'I mean sometimes people get upset because we don't want to make something commercial.'
  15. 'Today most of the films are having more of commercial value than quality and are packed with themes and scenes that can match the taste of youth.'
  16. 'However, Williams insists any decision concerning the player's future will be based on football issues rather than his commercial value.'
  17. 'There's an element that makes them very commercial yet still very cool.'
  18. 'They will be particularly disappointed if the field is found to be commercial after all.'
(of television or radio) funded by the revenue from broadcast advertisements.
  1. 'And one area where tastes are met and diversity can be seen in some ways is in the increasing strength of commercial talkback radio.'
  2. 'It is often ignored or insufficiently catered for by state funded national and commercial radio and television.'
  3. 'The service will be backed by a £5 million advertising campaign on commercial radio.'
  4. 'It's been the lead on commercial television news bulletins most nights this week and on the front page of the local newspaper as well.'
  5. 'A show with few viewers won't stay on the air: On commercial television, no advertisers will buy space.'
  6. 'There are four commercial television stations in the market.'
  7. 'In addition there are a growing number of local and regional commercial radio stations.'
  8. 'Every night commercial television is littered with multi-million pound advertisements for pension companies.'
(of chemicals) supplied in bulk and not of the highest purity.
  1. 'Many also apply commercial nitrogen fertilizer, since there's no way to know exactly how much nitrogen is in the manure.'
  2. 'Most commercial chemical repellents contain either Deet or Permethrin.'
  3. 'Almost 50 percent of the world's commercial hydrogen now comes from natural gas.'


A television or radio advertisement.
  1. 'He is sure that the commercial will ‘encourage people to come here for a holiday.’'
  2. 'I nodded slowly, glancing back at the television which was thankfully showing commercials.'
  3. 'He allowed them to film him for a television commercial.'
  4. 'The only extra is a collection of commercials advertising the show on Japanese television.'
  5. 'The second stage of advertising, which includes television commercials, is not expected until March.'
  6. 'The youth's parents said they got the idea to talk to their son after watching a government-funded commercial on television.'
  7. 'The story reaches a dramatic moment, so it is time for a television commercial.'
  8. 'The television commercial will hit the screens tomorrow.'
  9. 'Commuters said they wanted a quiet journey home rather than listening to advertising commercials and news broadcasts.'
  10. 'During a recent trip to California I found myself watching a television commercial about cars.'
A travelling sales representative.


    1. of, relating to, or characteristic of commerce.

    2. engaged in commerce.

    3. prepared, done, or acting with sole or chief emphasis on salability, profit, or success: a commercial product; His attitude toward the theater is very commercial.

    4. able to yield or make a profit: We decided that the small oil well was not commercial.

    5. suitable or fit for a wide, popular market: Communications satellites are gradually finding a commercial use.

    6. suitable for or catering to

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