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(especially of clothes or furnishings) providing physical ease and relaxation.
  1. 'relax in a comfortable chair'
  2. 'Anyone wishing to take part should wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket and cushion to the class.'
  3. 'It was a large bedroom, with a double bed, a comfortable desk, and various sofas and armchairs, which he was quite fond of.'
  4. 'She has planned her garden for relaxation, and comfortable furniture is essential.'
  5. 'He was dressed in expensive street clothes and comfortable shoes, ready for a day of expensive shopping.'
  6. 'It is best experienced in comfortable shoes and clothes which are easy to remove and not too hot.'
  7. 'Wear comfortable clothing and shoes and leave that winter coat in the car.'
  8. 'The attractively clothed sports seats are comfortable and supportive and the driving position perfect for my small frame.'
  9. 'Trudging to my own room, I quickly changed into much more comfortable clothes, and then plopped down my bed.'
  10. 'She wore simple cotton garb, loose, comfortable clothes perfect for the morning's work.'
  11. 'I figured out about four weeks ago that the library's fireplace always has a fire in it and there are many comfortable couches and chairs to cuddle up in.'
  12. 'I'm quite comfortable where I am - it's the lack of a TV that's my concern.'
  13. 'You are immediately comfortable, and it is very easy to drive.'
  14. 'he was said to be comfortable in the West Highland Hospital'
  15. 'The injured woman is his daughter and is said to be comfortable in hospital today.'
  16. 'For example writing down, ‘patient had a comfortable night and was in no pain’ was no way near acceptable.'
  17. 'He tried to move and make himself more comfortable, but the pain worsened and he lay back down, sparks flying behind his eyes.'
  18. 'His wife suffered serious injuries and is comfortable in York District Hospital.'
  19. 'School staff administered first aid at the scene, but paramedics soon arrived to make Greg more comfortable and give him pain relief.'
  20. 'In addition there were doctors and members of the Vatican Press Office, all making sure that that he was comfortable and that the world was being informed of his state of health.'
  21. 'All three, who come from Pickering, were suffering abdominal and lower back pains, but were comfortable and stable in hospital today.'
  22. 'Patients were much more comfortable and recovered faster after disc replacement than after fusion.'
  23. 'He kept wanting to go to sleep, so I just made sure I kept talking to him and that he was comfortable.'
  24. 'The injured man was yesterday said to be comfortable in Kerry General Hospital in Tralee.'
  25. 'few of us are comfortable with confrontations'
  26. 'The baby seemed to study Jane, and Jane was not comfortable under the steady, serious-looking gaze.'
  27. 'It is their pride and joy and to witness the detail around their house, it is easy to understand why they are so comfortable at this beautiful spot.'
  28. 'If you're not comfortable doing something, people can always see through it.'
  29. 'The cookies did look very good, but she wasn't comfortable enough to accept free cookies yet.'
  30. 'Physically, we are not comfortable in the face of ceaseless persecution.'
  31. 'How did you get to the point where you were comfortable expressing personal, painful feelings in your work?'
  32. 'People are comfortable reporting errors if they believe management is listening.'
  33. 'It's just not something with which most people are comfortable.'
  34. 'As much as her friends drove her crazy, they were the people she was most comfortable around.'
  35. 'You're only comfortable when there are people around who you think you can impress, and it takes a damn sight more than your tired old rackets to impress this bunch.'
  36. 'The guy in question works for a New York tabloid, making a comfortable living and aspiring to little else.'
  37. 'With technology, it would be easy for a family of five to earn a comfortable living.'
  38. 'Standards of living can be very comfortable for those who can get good jobs.'
  39. 'It is not highly stratified economically; most people have a similarly comfortable standard of living.'
  40. 'The family, though not wealthy, was financially comfortable by Dominican standards.'
  41. 'I mean, you're so comfortable now, you've got all you'll ever need, you've got the desk and the broadcast.'
  42. 'The band are now all approaching 40 and earn a comfortable living from their royalties.'
  43. 'To make ‘a comfortable living’, you have to write two to three books a year.'
  44. 'His arrival made him more comfortable financially, but he's leaving.'
  45. 'The inevitable growth of globalisation means that if we are to maintain our very comfortable standard of living we need to work smarter than others.'
As large as is needed or wanted.
  1. 'He had in the mean time found a wife for himself after settling in life with a comfortable income leaving his past far, far behind.'
  2. 'These women do not have the skill to market their goods to generate a comfortable income.'
  3. 'There is no influence so depoliticising as a comfortable income.'
  4. 'Winning the Varsity matches, and in reasonably comfortable fashion, is cause for celebration.'
  5. 'They had demonstrated their talent and skills in their next four league fixtures which they had won with comfortable margins.'
  6. 'But a strong second half display saw the home side pull well clear and emerge comfortable victors at the end.'


A warm quilt.


    1. (of clothing, furniture, etc.) producing or affording physical comfort, support, or ease: a comfortable chair; comfortable shoes.

    2. being in a state of physical or mental comfort; contented and undisturbed; at ease: to be comfortable in new shoes; I don't feel comfortable in the same room with her.

    3. (of a person, situation, etc.) producing mental comfort or ease; easy to accommodate oneself to or associate with: She's a comfortable person to be with.

    4. more than ade

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    "people can be comfortable with people."

    "people can be comfortable with rates."

    "people can be comfortable with levels."

    "people can be comfortable with ranges."

    "people can be comfortable with numbers."

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    Middle English (in the sense ‘pleasant, pleasing’): from Anglo-Norman French confortable, from conforter ‘to comfort’ (see comfort).