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A brown carbonated drink that is flavoured with an extract of cola nuts, or with a similar flavouring.
  1. 'Avoid stimulants like coffee, tea, cola, soft drinks, and chocolate.'
  2. 'However, compared to diet cola or sugar-charged tonic or lemonade, soda water wins by a mile.'
  3. 'Vanilla, too, pairs naturally well with mixers that have vanilla tones of their own, including cream soda and cola.'
  4. 'Caffeine containing foods commonly consumed are coffee, tea, cola drinks and chocolate.'
  5. 'There it is marketed as a party-style drink for twenty-somethings, and 90% of the spirit is drunk with cola added.'
  6. 'Irn-Bru, along with diet cola, contains artificial flavouring, sweeteners - and caffeine.'
  7. 'You can do this by avoiding long periods of time in the sun, drinking plenty of salty fluids, and avoiding alcohol and drinks containing caffeine such as tea, coffee and cola.'
  8. 'If it were just a matter of which cola to drink, it would not be of much concern, but media corporations control content.'
  9. 'The ad is so fun, fast and sexy that I'm a Pepsi convert and I don't even drink cola except now and then with rum.'
  10. 'Manson sits in the dark with the air conditioning blasting, drinking cola and wearing sunglasses.'
A small evergreen African tree which is cultivated in the tropics for its seeds (cola nuts).

    Cost-of-living adjustment, an increase made to wages or Social Security benefits to keep them in line with inflation.

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      1. a carbonated soft drink containing an extract made from kola nuts, together with sweeteners and other flavorings.

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      "drinks can be cola."

      "units can be cola."

      "markets can be cola."